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27 Dec 2018
Didier Moreno conceded an interview to news agency EFE, the Colombian midfielder talked of his career as a football and the adaptation to Deportivo.

His origin: "I'm from a town where you only study primary school, then you have to go to the capital to continue your studies, I'm 10 years old, I'm surrounded by relatives, not my parents, but with my older brother, and at the age of 13 or 14, I made the decision to play football, which I had since I was a child. My parents are already with me, I am given the opportunity to go to Bogotá and I go out at a very young age to spend moments that maybe I didn’t need to live, but at the same time I had an apprenticeship that gave me what I wanted. These were sad, hard moments, but nowadays it meant a lot of learning and teaching, to valorize.”

Lesson from the past: "I am one of those who say that those who need help must be helped, because I don’t want any child to go through the conditions that I have to live if we have the opportunity to help them. Today we are in a somewhat selfish society, we don’t offer opportunities, the governments don’t give the support that’s required, although to speak of that we need more time.”

Most difficult moment as a player: "In the beginning I had to overcome difficult moments, to take a step back to push myself in. After the U-20 World Cup, I got to Independiente de Santa Fe, but I didn’t play, I get off the radar of Colombian football, I had to go to a smaller team [Atlético Huila] in order to push me and things went well.”

First months in Europe:"I am noticing a great evolution, and I feel calm and happy for that, adapted to the city and the team and hoping that everything will continue to improve. I can give a little more and I’m "looking for to play again.”

Adapting to the system of Natxo: "I have to adapt to the system and not the other way around, we have been correcting movements, I know the position because in the first three games of the season in Colombia I played there, although previously I was serving as the team's only pivote.”

High competence for the position: "All players dream of being in teams with a high competitive level, which is very good, because it demands more from you.”

Balance of 2018: “It has been a very fruitful, exceptional year, a period of time in which I received many blessings. In the first semester, in Colombia, I had a very good performance, in the second, I was given the opportunity to fulfill a dream that is to come to European football and in a short time to debut with the senior team.”

Adaptation to the team: "I think I've won a lot of space in the group, the love of teammates and coaching staff and always trying to contribute both inside and outside the pitch. In Medellín I was a benchmark, leader and captain, and my leadership was more obvious, but we are all leaders.”



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