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30 Dec 2018
9 of the 24 players that currently perform for Deportivo are ending their contracts in June of 2019, five of them are normal starters for coach Natxo González.

Starting on Tuesday, 9 of the 24 players currently performing for Depor are free to negotiate their future, because their links with the Galician club end in June. It’s a complex situation for the club as 5 of these men are normal starters for coach Natxo González.

These 9 men are Adrián Ortolá, Pablo Mari, Domingos Duarte, Sebastián Dubarbier, Saúl García, Álex Bergantiños, Michael Krohn-Dehli, Didier Moreno and Carlos Fernández. Of this short list the men that are normal starters are Pablo Mari, Domingos Duarte, Saúl García, Álex Bergantiños and Carlos Fernández.

Of this list of five normal starters, the easiest case to fix is Bergantiños, the Galician midfielder ends his deal in June, but has a clause that allows a renewal and even to become a club’s official if he decides to retire. The other four cases are complicated.

Carlos Fernández will return to Sevilla CF, a fact as Joaquin Caparrós (Sevilla’s sporting director) already stated that he wants the striker back ahead of next season. Domingos Duarte was loaned from Sporting CP and could stay if two conditions are fulfilled: if Depor are promoted to Primera and if Sporting CP don’t count for him ahead of next season.

But the good job of the centre-back has called the attention of several clubs at Primera, and it will be hard that Sporting CP will not call him back, even if it is to sell him later (Sevilla CF and Real Sociedad asked for him during the winter window). Pablo Mari is loaned from Manchester City and Depo has a buyout option for €100,000, but his continuity will also depend of a possible promotion.

The case with Saul is also complex, the left-back is currently under embargo for a signing a pre-contract with Real Valladolid and it isn’t clear if he would like to continue in A Coruña, in any case his continuity would depend of a possible promotion to the elite.

About the remaining four cases, Krohn-Dehli and Dubarbier will end their contracts and Deportivo aren’t interested in their renewal. Neither Didier Moreno will continue as his loan deal expires in June (he could even leave during the winter window). The only man in this short list of non-starters with the chance of staying is Ortolá, the keeper e is the substitute of Dani Giménez, but the club is open to fulfill the buyout option with FC Barcelona (the amount isn’t public).



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