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31 Dec 2018
Sad year for Deportivismo, a new relegation put president Tino Fernández in a difficult position, and provoked three modifications inside the club: the appearance of the sporting director, a new playing system and a new squad.

2018 marked the first big failure of president Tino Fernández. The disappointing 2017/18 campaign ended with a new relegation to Segunda División, noting surprising after the team was only able to win two of the twenty-one Primera games disputed in the year, actually Depor completed fifteen straight matchdays without a victory, the worst negative streak in the history of the club.

All of this happened just when Tino’s first period as president was ending. The shareholders, either for lack of alternatives or because they still believed in the president, decided to give him a new chance and, at the middle of the year, they elected him for a second period with the 98.99% of the shareholders voting yes to his continuity.

The day of his reelection (July 12) Fernández talked of the situation of the club, “With this big support we can only say thanks for believing in us. We have been changing the direction of the society into a decisive road. Now we are in the middle of a sporting crisis, luckily the situation of the club has changed and it’s for good. The debt has been restructured, managed with rigor and transparency, all of which seems irrelevant and is diluted by the sporting failure of last season, but we understand that this failure, painful as it may be, should not lead to a total questioning of the project, respecting all opinions, that remains to be our position. The priority is to increase the performance of the first team. It passes through a new sporting model. We all need to be together and push in the same direction. There will always be different opinions."

That new sporting model pushed the club to make three big changes: to give more importance to the figure of the sporting director, to sign a new coach that brought a new playing system, and to radically change the composition of the club.

The first measure of Tino Fernández was to name Carmelo Del Pozo has the new sporting director. This was a radical change at the club, because, for the first time in decades, the sporting director was the one making the decisions regarding the composition of the team and the coaching staff, it was even him the only one facing the journalists during the press conferences, all of this was never saw in the long run with Lendoiro or even the first period with Fernández.

And Del Pozo was the one that built up a team that has been considered as the most complete one in the current Segunda tournament, and also decided the arrival of Natxo González, who brought the second big change in the year: a new playing system.

For decades Depor have bases its playing style in a 4-2-3-1, something that switched into a 4-3-1-2 for the Segunda season, a figure that at times is a 4-4-2, always characterized with a diamond figure at midfield with three centre midfielders, one of them playing almost as a third centre-back, and a playmaker performing behin two strikers.

And the third big chance in the year was the composition of the team, off course the relegation wiped off several players with a high profile and a disappointing performance, Del Pozo focused in signing two players per position and ended building up a team with less glamour, but with more alternatives, and also the most Spaniard in decades.

Depor passed from been a team with several foreign players to another one based in Spanish players, thus the last Primera game saw five foreign players in the stating formation (Kóval, Luisinho, Krohn-Dehli, Çolak and Bakkali), while in the closing game in 2018 at Cádiz CF  there was only one (Michelle Somma), also to point out that in that last lineup there were two players promoted from Fabril (Caballo and Edu Expósito).

So, 2018 ended with a renewed hope and with Depor living the best streak on the century and the sixth best in the history of the club: 13 straight games without defeats. A radical change taking in mind that the Galicians launched the year living their worst winless streak.



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