31 Dec 2018
Great year for Depor Ladies, the team is the leader at Segunda and coach Manu SŠnchez analyzes the characteristics and the grow of the players in this new campaign.

Great ending for Depor Ladies in 2018, after the disappointment of the previous season, the team is now the leader at Segunda Divisiůn (group 1) thanks to a 1-3 win at direct rival Oviedo. The team has only dropped two points after 13 matchdays (2-2 with Friol in the opening day). Now coach Manu SŠnchez talks to La Voz de Galicia about the grow of the gals and how to avoid distractions for the rest of the season.

Q: It seems that you are the only team capable of winning in Oviedo.
A: Yes. And that speaks well of the work of the girls. Oviedo is a team that has only suffered two defeats in the history of this competition and both were against us and, in addition, consecutive. That means, humbly, that things are going well here.

Q: But this time it occurred with your team giving a greater sense of superiority.
A: We suppose to disconnect all their artillery. Now we must avoid repeating the story of last year.

Q: And for this it will be important not to fail before the match of the last day.
A: We cannot relax. First, because we have the experience of last year, because even if everything stayed the same until that appointment in Abegondo, it would be decided in a single match, and just as we were very well there, they can be good on here; and, on the other hand, because there will be a great competitive level between the teams that are fighting to get into what will be the First season of the Primera B. You have to try not to fail, because in that sense, in adding all the points of the second round, it will be more difficult than last year.

Q: What have you learned from what happened last season?
A: Mainly we have improved in the mental aspect. We knew from the beginning of this project that betting on 16-year-old players, as we did, involved some risks and we paid them at certain times: the first year [campaign 16/17] and especially the past, in a match with as much responsibility as the one at Arteixo against Oviedo. At that match the players arrived very prepared both tactically and physically, but specific details didnít allow us to reverse the situations that were occurring. And that, currently, I think it has changed. Those bitter experiences have helped the group grow and very important players who are very young, who now have that experience and that know how to behave. But well, we cannot say that we have reached the summit of this team, because we are still talking about 18-year-old girls, with a lot to develop as players.

Q: How has the change from Arteixo to Abegondo affected the team?
A: It has been very positive in many aspects. First, because it represents the fact of the total integration of what the team is in the structure of the club; and later, because both, the dimensions and the state of the pitch, favor the idea of the game that we have. We are an eminently offensive team and playing in Abegondo makes everything easier for us. The draw of the first day against Lugo is a little deceiving, because we have done great games there.

Q: You changed the way to play. Last year, for example, you bet on 3 defenders.
A: In the end itís a matter of being prepared for all the scenarios in which we can find ourselves. Yes, itís true that, on top of that, we [the coaches] also learn with them and we see how they are responding to the different schemes. This season we havenít found the right pieces within the squad to play with the defence of three, with the sense that we want to give it. We have found other systems that can develop all the talent we have.

Q: You are betting on Miralles, the goalkeeper of the B squad last year, having a U-19 European champion and a signing that comes from Primera
A: The differences between all the players are minimal. And that is something that has also changed compared to other years. Everything is based on competition and I believe in people's moments. Miralles was promoted to the first team this year and the performance, attitude and work have led her to be a starter. So, we also do with the rest of the components of the squad. You have to fight each training and, if at any time you are not well, then you leave the gap for who is better. The goal of all the members of the B team is to be here and with Miralles we can verify that, with hard work, it can be done, and not just for a few minutes.

Q: The progression of Tere Abelleira is also striking. Is the league too small for here?
A: At the time I said that we would try to make Deporís project grow at the same speed as her so that this would never be too small for her, and for now, we are going a little hand in hand. The benefits offered by this club to keep growing are the ideal ones. So, in the same way that we can say that this competition is too small for Teresa, itís also fair to say that this League is not the one that corresponds to Deportivo for the level.



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