02 Jan 2019
Carmelo Del Pozo conceded an interview to Sportpaper Marca, the sporting director analyzed the situation of the team when the Segunda season is about to reach the midpoint.

Q: Did you imagine that the team you made in the summer was going to work so well?
 A: The balance until now is very positive, we are in the numbers we wanted, we had a maximum difficulty, change of league, system change, new players... we tried to find smart players and the response has been very good, they understood very well the change and in that road we are moving.

Q: What pieces do you think can still give you something else?
A: I think everyone in the club can give more. From the sporting director to the coach and footballers, we cannot be satisfied and we have to keep growing and adding up every day. It’s true that we have a very strong block. The advantage is that, surely, some of the players we have are still looking for their best version.

Q: Do you regret having signed a player?
 A: No. I also think that the strength of this team is the background at the changing room. We have two players per position, including three on the left side f the defence due to Caballo's irruption. Everyone is going to contribute. I also tell you one thing: any player who wants to go out will go out. It will always be considered as long as it is beneficial for everyone.

Q: Tell me the key so that this Depor are working regularly and have only suffered two defeats...
A: The spine is fundamental in Segunda. In our case both Dani Giménez as the centre-backs, midfield and our striking line are setting a great tournament from the point of view of regularity.

Q: Interestingly, the last defeat comes because of a system change...
 A: The system of a team is the beginning of a form of game after adapting to the opponent and the field of play is very important... we are at a high level of results and points... you cannot be locked in a single system, you would be very blocked in the game. These are circumstances of the matches. When you go 3-0 it's hard to see that it was an equal game. You are against the tide and you have to go disarming things to generate opportunities. Cádiz lives comfortably in the disorder, they can kill you with spaces. It’s a game of errors and in this game we haven’t been effective.

Q: What percentage of success is the coaching staff having?
A: It’s a fundamental piece. We knew he was the coach that would help us to understand the league and add and grow as a club. It’s a game system that adapts perfectly to our players. We are happy.

Q: It is criticized to Natxo González that he fixes too much on the rivals... being Deportivo.
A: I think Natxo studies rivals very well and benefits the team based on their weaknesses. Normally he doesn’t adapt the scheme to the opposing team, it protects itself from the virtues of the opponent. But any team competes with you, do not underestimate them.

Q: The objective is clear and it is the promotion... are you still thinking that it will be complicated?
A: The desire of Depor for 2019 is to be promoted. Let's go little by little but with a firm step. We are in an unbeatable situation and every day we grow as a team and group.

Q: This team, as you mentioned it, has a background at the changing room... can it be one of the keys to success?
A: Definitely. For me it’s the fundamental key to be at the top. Segunda is very long and for the block it’s positive to have two players per position that are tightened in the trainings and be the replacement in case of injuries.

Q: Depor also have a luxury striking line...
A: Both areas are key in Segunda. We have a front line with great punch. Quique González is competitive, a striker with strength, instinct. Carlos Fernández is the quality and the class at the service of the team, it is a luxury for Deportivo to have Carlos Fernández... And there is Borja too, Christian... we have four great strikers for the coach.

Q: And a goalkeeper who adds points...
A: Anyone who didn’t know Dani Giménez may be surprised. We knew that it was the key to this project. It is essential inside and outside the field of play. He is one of the captains and always adds up.

The return of Álex Bergantiños has also paid off...
  A: Álex is Deportivo de La Coruña. It’s a key player in the operation of all the gear.

Q: Which rivals surprise you in this first third of the season?
 A: They are many. But I tell you one thing, the main rival of Depor, is Depor itself. If we are fine, we are a very solid and effective team. But I also tell you one thing: we cannot underestimate any team in a very tough league and in which any rival can defeat you.

Q: Are you keep thinking about the same candidates or do you think there might be a surprise rival?
 A: In Segunda the surprises are very little, there are teams that have been relegated and have perfectly adapted to the league and others that are playing very well with short squads.

Q: Depor haven’t suffered yet that drop that the teams have in long tournaments...
A: It can arrive or not. We are in continuous communication with the sporting management, the coaching staff... the Board of Directors... we are ready for any setback. The communication with the president is constant and we all understand that this chain of work that is what makes the club strong.

Q: Let's talk about Fabril to finish...
A: All the B teams in Segunda Division B suffer, Sevilla B, Valencia Mestalla, Levante B.... It’s a semi-professional league and in this area teams with young players tend to suffer. Now we are going to reinforce ourselves, there are going to be changes in order to improve. The arrival of a young coach [Pellicer] means different roles compared to Tito [Ramallo]. The team competes well. We hope the changes will work and that we can clinch the permanence.



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