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04 Jan 2019
Diego Caballo talked to reporters on Thursday; he doesn’t perceive an environment of a derby before the match with CD Lugo, but is sure that the three points are very important for Deportivo.

Defender Diego Caballo conceded a press conference before Thursday’s training session; he was sincere as he doesn’t perceive an environment of a big derby before the meeting with CD Lugo, “It’s special as it is a derby, but we always start all the games as a new one. The next game is always important and now this is the most important one. I never played a game like this one, truly the feelings are different, maybe not as other derbies but there’s an environment of rivalry.”

The left-back was talking of the rival and to not be deceived by their positions at the standings, “They are a team that competes well and it will tough to win. I don’t think the difference at the standing is a fact that will tell you if a game is tough or not, we can only think of getting the three points.”

He isn’t worried for the big loss against Cádiz CF, “I believe the result of the last game isn’t a reflection of what the game was. Truly they were better in both areas, but what matters is what’s next. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t add the last three points, but the important thing is to add the three points in the next one. Truly we were unfortunate in the last game, and the important thing is this one as it’s the nearest match.”

Caballo also said that’s exaggerated to say that Depor is passing through a bump in the league, “I believe it’s exaggerated to talk of a bump. The results are the results and you won’t fool anyone. You cannot always be good and neither bad. Things get tighter with the passage of time, the rivals know how you play and it’s more complicated compared to how things looked before. As the matchdays pass, you will find different things.”

Then the ex-Fabril analyzed the year 2018, the one that meant his jump to the first team, “It’s easy to valorize it, it was a pretty year in all aspects. I played a promotion playoff as I did it in the past with Valencia Mestalla, though we weren’t able to clinch the promotion, it was pretty. Later, I got the chance to belong to the first team. I believe there’s little more to say.”

Finally, Caballo said that he is happy for his minutes in the league competition despite the competence with Saúl García, “I always said that, the battle with Saúl in order to get the spot, is beneficial for both. To be entering and going out is what makes us to be active throughout the week.”



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