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06 Jan 2019
Depor’s team admits that his team isn’t passing through its best moment, while Lugo’s manager is convinced that their style will make things harder for Deportivo.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon; he admitted that the team is not living his best moment after the defeat with Cádiz. He also talked of Cartabia’a anxiety. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Reaction after the heavy defeat with Cádiz: "We are coming from a big defeat, even though it happened a long time ago and it seems to have been forgotten. We always value the ability we have as a collective to respond to an adverse situation. But it isn’t a special situation, in each game we have the challenge of winning.”

Is the team on a slump? "It may be that we are going through a difficult time, there’s an evolution and then comes what looks like a stagnation and even a slump, I think it’s natural, the progression is not constant, I don’t know if I would say that we are in retreat, but we have allowed more goals than usual, we have lost some reliability, there is something that makes us think that we aren’t at our best, but in a very natural way. It was predictable.”

Is Depor returning to the system with three centre midfielders? “We will return to what we have always done.”

Lugo: "I always get a lot of good things from the rivals, they seem good to me, on the road they are getting short results, they allow a few goals and are always there, they have found the balance and, as strong points, they attack the spaces very well after recovering the ball. They’ve speed and, in the initiation, Seoane, Azeez or Pita try to get out from the back.”

Dani Giménez: “He had muscle problems during the week.”

Cartabia: "He must control anxiety, he is very restless, he wants to help and we are negotiating how we get that continuity, we want him to be tomorrow, the next day and the other, something that we haven’t achieved until now or last year. We must stop him a little in his anxiety to compete and please, he will not voluntarily stop, he has to communicate and let us see when he is more loaded, we have to find a way to measure the times ".

Exits during the winter window: "Nobody has told me that there are people who are unhappy or want to leave right now, I make decisions based on what I consider the best, I haven’t found any case in which they are subtracting instead of adding up. The one that doesn’t want to continue with us, because of some circumstances, has open doors to leave, we have a very ambitious goal and we need to be very strong emotionally. "

Alberto Monteagudo addressed the media on Friday’s afternoon. He is optimistic about the game at the Riazor and points out that the set-pieces could harm his team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Visiting the Riazor: "We have the same thing to lose compared to them, three points and we have to extend the trajectory we have. Lugo respects Deportivo but we don’t fear them, we go out to play face to face. I prefer to lose 3-0 and given the sense we can score goals rather than 1-0 and to be locked, we are not going to go out as a small team waiting to have an opportunity.”

Strategy for the game: "I think our way of playing can hurt them, because of how vertical we are and the ability to go for their line of four men. That is our goal, to keep the seal at the Riazor.”

Carlos Pita: "He hasn’t been there for some time, but he has clairvoyance with the ball and pauses, it is an option that could be for this game or for any other.”

Deportivo: “They do it very well, they’ve many players for the inside, with a lot of quality, without losing strength upfront, because they have two strikers, high side defenders, they attack by the inside to finish outside, and the opponents have a hard time counteracting it. At home they are very powerful. It's a big one in the league, but in a single game in Segunda A you can hurt them. In 42 matchdays, they will be up.”

Set-pieces: “They are powerful there, they do the strategy well, I guess they work it and they are powerful in the free-kicks. We are going to try to solve it, because we have conceded some goals in set-pieces and I would like that those gaps that we have sometimes do not happen.”



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