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08 Jan 2019
The aim was blamed for only adding a point, but there were other factors having an impact in the result like luck. Quique González was a substitute for the first time on the season and the fans were furious for how CD Lugo wasted time.

1- New open game without goals: This game was very similar to the one at Rayo Majadahonda and both turned to be the two goalless games of Deportivo until this point of the season. Lugo looked fine in large stages of the meeting and Depor also tried to attack, so the game was entertaining and had alternatives and the final score was deceiving as the normal thing would have been to have goals, just like the game with Majadahonda.

2- Saves, posts and misses: Natxo González blamed the lack of aim for only adding a point, but truly there were other circumstances that influenced in the final score. Juan Carlos made two key saves against David Simón (74’) and Carlos Fernández (88’), and also to remember that CD Lugo were lucky with the attempts that hit the woodwork by Carles Gil (33’) and Borja Valle (46’). Especially lucky was the chance of Gil as the rebound went out and didn’t enter despite a rebound in the keeper. 

3- Concessions in defence: CD Lugo only completed one shot on target and their ball possession (37%) seemed like too little, but the true is that they gave a lot of problem to Depor, What happened is that the defence gave too many concessions, either with bad passes that allowed the counterattack or with a poor mark that allowed the transitions from the rival and combinative plays. Álex had a poor game and only the incursions of Domingos Duarte in order to cut the rival’s game by the centre helped to prevent more problems. As soon as Lugo were reduced to ten men this problem disappeared as the rival was more focused in defending, and it was until then that Depor felt more comfortable on the pitch.

4- Decisions at the starting lineup: It called the attention that Vicente Gómez and Quique González weren’t starters in the game. Natxo González said that it was a normal decision as he was searching for other alternatives. This was the second time in which Vicente stayed on the bench without going throughout the game (the other one was the 4-0 over Elche CF as he was coming back from an injury). In the case of Quique González, this was the first time in which he isn’t a starter despite been available for the coach.

5- CD Lugo and the wasted time: The Riazor was furious after the final whistle due to the attitude of CD Lugo regarding wasting all the time they could in order to protect the point. The true is that it was a normal reaction after losing a player. Within the first 70 minutes they were a normal team trying to play a game and any team could have tried this strategy. Perhaps the complaint should be the fact the referee didn’t add some extra minutes for the wasted time at the end. Still, coach Natxo González said it didn’t matter as they could have played for two more days and the outcome would have been the same.

6- Crisis or poor form? The recent results have awaken the sense that Depor is in crisis, but that words seems exaggerated seeing the stats. Depor remain really close to the first two places and their 9 points within the last 6 games means the 9th best mark in the league. It isn’t a crisis, but a team lowering its performance and therefore passing through a poor form situation.



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