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08 Jan 2019
The coach and the players weren’t happy with the result as Depor had more and better opportunities. The coach recognized that the team isn’t fine, but avoided the word crisis. Lugo’s coach criticized the red cards saw by his players.

Coach Natxo González was commenting the game, “I was expecting more opposition with the ball, but we minimized this issue and have several arrivals to the goal and we had enough chances to decide the game. We limited the connections of the centre-backs with Seoane and Azeez, but still they had a couple of dangerous transitions. In a general sense we controlled it pretty well.”

He wasn’t complaining for not having more minutes in added time, “We would have played for two days and it would have been the same, At the last minute two men were failing and nothing would have happened if they would have added five more minutes. In a general sense I believe we were better, but we didn’t win as we didn’t complete the chances that we had.”

What the Basque coach didn’t like was of the lack of aim from his team, “Until some time ago we were effective at the opposite goal and right now we haven’t been like that. That’s the only thing that we missed. You can ask for more precision and to make better decisions, but they didn’t have any option and we have clear chances to take the lead, therefore I leave screwed with the point, but content as the lads gave everything. Without doubt the lack of punch was the factor in the game.”

He understands that Depor is under pressure as, lately, the results haven’t been too good, “You have lived this, many times. You want to be quick and are too hurried. People are whistling if you play backwards and you end up in a spiral. You need a cool head and use more the brain than the heart, but we are humans and in the end you want to go and end doing it wrongly.”

But Natxo don’t want to talk of crisis, “I don’t understand those words. Truly something is happening and it has happened to us. We were effective in past moments and now we aren’t effective, these are dynamics that you live and you need to be alert. We have allowed six goals in the last three games, we conceded three times in the three shots had in the last game, and before Dani [Giménez] saved the two that the rival had and the game is like this.” 

Carlos Fernández wasn’t content with the outcome, “You leave having the feeling that you can get something more with the chances that we had. It was a hard game and they made a solid game and it was hard to drill a pass. We had to play on the sides and the best chances came in that way. We weren’t effective and only added a point.”

“If you don’t seize the opportunities then you only add a point like in this case, maybe we could have deserved more, especially for the way we ended the game with three clear chances. We should have tried to make more damage when they had less players. They also made a great game and it meant a point.” The striker added.

Neither Domingos Duarte was content with the final result, “We came in order to add the three points and we didn’t do it, and we must continue working and improving. The goals will show up in the end. They have qualities and in the end it was only a point. They had one or two chances, we must continue like this in defence and trying to improve in offense.”

At CD Lugo, coach Alberto Monteagudo was more than content with the draw, “This point tastes like glory. It was a very complicate game in a great field. They made things harder, because they play with side defenders with a long run and we lasted a while to be well placed. Then we had two big saves by Juan Carlos… I am very happy, because we got a point in a field where only a few can get something.”

What he didn’t like was the decisions of the referee, “I believe the second yellow of Jose Carlos shouldn’t have been a yellow card. Even the rival recognized that he didn’t touch him. There was a pass that was won by my player and nothing more. In the first of Dongou, instead of been a yellow for him, it should have been red card for Deportivo’s player, who raised the leg when he was on the ground. The way to measure the plays was a little unfair, but we already know what happens on these fields.” 




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