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12 Jan 2019
Depor’s coach explained why Carles Gil is out of the game, and also admitted the possibility to see Carlos Fernández performing as a playmaker. Mallorca’s coach was praising Deportivo’s potential.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s morning, just before making the trip to Majorca. He explained why Carles Gil is out of the game and accepted that Carlos Fernández can end performing as a playmaker. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Carles Gil: "It's my decision, I pushed him out and pulled Christian [Santos] in his place, and in the end, we're demanding with everyone. Carles would be perfect right now if he had scored four or five goals. He has made an important jump in that position, he started getting away from the area, without having chances, but little by little he had them, he is finding the place in the position, he is growing, but that position has to give us goal.”

Cartabia: “H is willful. He has trained normally, which is important, and the goal is to keep training, without incidents, and to go competing. To see him having minutes. We need all the players, specially one of his characteristics because that type of players are decisive.”

Many changes in recent games: "It isn’t about not hitting the key, it's my way of acting: moving the players a lot, that always gives me results, it's the best way I have to know the player. Outside home, at home, behind on the scoresheet, in advantage... in order to have that information of each player, I have to see them.”

Carlos Fernández performing as a playmaker: "It's an option, it can give us what we ask from that position. Sometimes we close the passing lanes and it has to be a player who runs into space. And because he's a forward he can do it. Also, when there are lateral crosses, he has enough power to reach it. Carlos can relate and generate game, but it’s a profile with more force within the last meters.”

Bad streak: "I don’t understand it this way, I see it as normal, we are aware that the percentage of points has dropped, but I try to transmit calmness, nothing that happens outside can unbalance us, neither for the good, nor for the bad, you need to have the ability to manage these phases well, the good times, the less good ones, as I think it is the case, and the bad ones, which is not the case, when the delicate moments come, we will say it.”

Away performance: "I'm starting to be worried, yes, more than worrying, I'm very busy analyzing it, the data is there, of course we always want to win and until now we're not doing it and it's costing us. But we need calm, because everything comes."

Ending scoreless in the last two games: "The difference is the effectiveness, in matches like the one against Lugo we won at home being effective, the results are the ones that rule and, in order to get them, you have to do things right, we may not be doing everything right. such a long season can decrease the performance both individually and collectively, but, at least from my position, I am calm. "

Situation at the standings: "I would have clapped if they told me that I would have 36 points, which could be 39, at the end of the first round."

Winter market: More players in those positions [midfield]? No. I already have a lot of headaches. Unless someone goes out, no. Exit of important players? I think not, until June 30 everyone will be here, and I'm not going to leave either.”

Mallorca: "Their first advantage is to be a well-made team, they come from a promotion and that dynamic usually generates good starts to the season. Hope, hunger... They are very reliable at home and Vicente Moreno's teams are very solid, strong on the ball. They don’t allow too many goals and in attack they have resources... The strategy, Lago Junior is in an incredible moment... they score almost two goals per game.”

Vicente Moreno talked to reporters on Friday’s noon. He praised Deportivo, but also said that his team is at the top despite the most recent results. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Results in the first round: "We need add many points to clinch the permanence, it seems that no, but 20 points are many points and we will try to add these three and do what we can and what’s in our hands.”

Deportivo: "We know we have an important rival, they may not be the first place, but they are probably the best team of the league by far, we have to do things very well and we have the hope of beating Deportivo La Coruña. For me they are the best team of the league, both for the squad and the playing style, and if we mix both things then the mixture is explosive.”

Mood after the last defeat: "The week has been the usual work, we have dedicated ourselves to fix the errors of the match against UD Almeria and we also have dedicated some time to the next opponent, which is the game in which we have options to add, everything is more than analyzed, the first part was good but the second left us with a worse taste."

State of the team: “There are data telling us that we ran more than Almería in the last game, but in football there are more things than running. The data tell us that we are in a similar state than in the rest of the season. I believe that, in this regard, we are the second best team in the league.”

Rumours that he is leaving to a Primera club: “The important thing is the present and not my future. I won’t talk of the subject.”



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