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14 Jan 2019
New changes from the coach and the team was unable to find solutions before a thick defensive line. Depor have spent three games without scoring at Segunda, an unseen streak since the 1980’s.

The five notes from the game V. RCD Mallorca

1- Lack of fluidity: At some point in the game Deportivo were playing against a wall of eight defenders, and the response from the team ended to be discouraging: to endlessly pass the ball without creating superiority and to search for the cross. The best way to break a thick defensive line is to make short and quick passes until creating a superiority in reduced spaces that allows the penetration to the area and to end the play searching for an unmarked man.

But in this game Depor never sought to create those numeric superiorities.  In large stages the centre midfielders were passing the ball among them and then, when they were finally deciding to assist a striker or Cartabia at the edge of the area, this player was backwards the goal and therefore was given back the ball to the midfielders in order to not lose it, so the play was reinitiated, a spiral without results. There was no surprise and therefore no finalization. Natxo González explaining it perfectly, “I believe that, without doing anything extraordinary, we faced a team that was locked at the back, we had the ball, but it was having the ball without finalizing, just like there was no goal in front of us.”

2- Crosses without consequences: The second way to break a thick defensive line is to release a cross searching for an unmarked man, unfortunately Depor’s crosses, like in recent games, lacked aim. The Galicians released 18 crosses in this game, and only twice met a partner. The first one was the header of Domingos Duarte saved by keeper Manolo Reina. Saúl was the player with more crosses in the game (7), and his only accurate cross came at the last minute in the header of Christian Santos that ended at the crossbar.

3- New rotations from the coach: Third straight game with the coach making important changes at the lineup. David Simón and Edu Expósito were surprisingly left on the bench, while Bóveda and Vicente Gómez were starters. No matter what the coach aimed, these modifications didn’t have an impact in the game and the worst part is that it left the impression that the coach is losing control modifying things that should remain unchanged.

4- Three games without scoring a goal: Third straight game with Deportivo unable to score a goal, the team has now spent 316 minutes without scoring. The last time Depor spent three straight Segunda games without scoring a goal was during the season 1989/90, at the time the team failed to score within matchdays 21 & 23 facing Betis (0-2), Athletic B (0-1) and Eibar (0-1).

5- Bittersweet first round: It cannot be said that Deportivo have made a bad first round, after all the primary goal was to be inside the promotion zone and the team has spent the major part of the first round among the first six places and only suffering three defeats. What happens is that the team has been unable to lie among the first two places when it had several opportunities to do it, and it’s also bittersweet because two of the three defeats came within the last three games in the round.



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