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14 Jan 2019
Depor’s coach admitted that Deportivo are living a very bad moment and ask to work hard in order to offer solutions. The players also admitted the bad moment and believe the team cannot lose the calm for it.

Coach Natxo González was explaining what he saw in the game, “I believe that, without doing anything extraordinary, we faced a team that was locked at the back, we had the ball, but it was having the ball without finalizing, just like there was no goal in front of us. It was hard throughout the game to find space and create unbalance. Since then they gained confidence and brought problems in set-pieces. We were uncomfortable. We weren’t able to end the plays and it was complicated. They grew up and the difference was the effectiveness in the last meters.”

He admitted that Depor are facing problems to end the plays, “We have spent three games without scoring a goal, and when these moments arrive you need to react and offer answers. Against a team that’s locked the game becomes slow. We are in that phase, against a team well-placed, it’s hard to be precise and end the plays.”

The Basque man also admitted that it’s the worst moment on the season, “There’s no doubt this is the worst moment. I am feeling disappointed, since that point this is normal in the league. This is part of a long league, you can have phases like these, and the important thing is to move on and find answers. This is a new face for us and we need to react. It’s also good to live these moments.”

Finally, Natxo explained what happened to Carlos Fernández and admitted that Carles Gil is negotiating a possible exit, “I don’t know about Carlos Fernández, only that he wasn’t available to compete. About Carles Gil, I know there’s something, but don’t know what will happen.”

Eneko Bóveda was giving his view on the game, “The game was balanced and it was decided by a play in which a player went in the middle of four defenders and the ball ended at the top-corner. I didn’t have the feeling of been submitted for a long time. There were times in which we were imposing, what’s true is that we had problems in the last meters.”

He also talked of the moment lived by Deportivo, “What I can tell you is that we are going to continue training in order to surpass this bump that we are living. We have confidence in the team and it’s normal to live these situations. There are moments when you are more brilliant, in other games it was easier.”

Pablo Mari was saying that Depor cannot lose the calm for the bad moment of the team, “We must give the situation a sense of normality. I believe that, throughout in the year, you have bad moments and not everything will be fine. I believe the attitude of the team has been good, we tried until the end, but we must take care of the details. In the end three points that you drop, but also with calm as we face the next game at home with our people.”

“These are moments on the season. I believe the structure is fine, we have a good output of the ball. I believe we are fine at midfield, and it’s hard within the last fifteen meters. They had two lines o four men and it was hard. I believe we had more fluidity at the start of the season, but I believe the team still having a clear idea of what to do. We need normality and try to improve what was done wrong.” The centre-back added.

At RCD Mallorca, coach Vicente Moreno was very happy with the attitude of his players, “They have made a fantastic job and made a huge sacrifice. It isn’t normal the work they are doing. They are like animals. Against Deportivo we were asking to be effective both in defence and attack and they did it, I cannot ask for more.”



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