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23 Jan 2019
Before last weekend a judge of la liga suspended the games of FC Reus against UD Las Palmas and Albacete, and now an investor has showed up and bought the Catalan club. It’s possible that they could remain competing at Segunda.

FC Reus are still alive. In recent months the Catalan club has been struggling to pay the wages of players and employees, and now they see the light at the end of the tunnel. The rules in la liga, after a subscribed deal with the players’ association (AFE), allow the players to leave any club if they accumulate three months without been paid.

That scenario was reached at the end of 2018 with FC Reus and, despite the club managed to secure the payment of some of the players (a deal that didn’t include the coaches and the employees), some of them didn’t accept the situation and left the club. In the end FC Reus ended with only 16 players at the first team.

La Liga allowed them to end the first round and even tried to allow them to play the second part of the Segunda season, but before matchday 22 the players and the AFE presented a demand asking to suspend the games and a competition judge accepted it, thus last weekend’s game against UD Las Palmas and the next game against Albacete were suspended.

FC Reus is not relegated yet as the final decision will be taken by a judge at the end of the month, it seemed a matter of time, but on Monday things radically changed, because it was known that an investor showed up in order to buy the club. It’s an American company named US Real State Investment owned by Russel Platt and Clifton Onolfo. They bought the 99.7% of the club’s shares in a meeting that took place during FC Barcelona’s game against CD Leganés.

They are ready to pay the debt of Reus calculated in five million euro and are even open to sign players in the winter window, plus increasing the capacity of their stadium, a project that will include a mall next to it. This is precisely the business of US Real State Investment as they build up hotels and mall.

Actually, the released statement announcing the purchase of the club was naming this project, “A time for stabilization’ of CF Reus and building the Stadium Complex Gaudian Style with 18.000 seats and Entertainment Mall with City of Reus and Catalonia to accommodate a steady Club in La Liga 123 and potentially beyond.” The statement said.

But they must convince la liga that this is a sustainable project. They must convince the judge about it and it’s expected that they will pay the debts of the club in the coming days. If the response is positive then the Catalan team will remain competing at Segunda, for now the next game against Albacete remains suspended.

And the situation is complex, because la liga has changes its mind, according to reports from the media they will now ask for the relegation of the club to the judge that’s studying the case.  This change comes as a pressure from the other Segunda clubs as FC Reus already broke the financial rules and deserves a punishment according to them. Also, and for now, neither the players nor the AFE have publicly talked of their position regarding the arrival of the investor.



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