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27 Jan 2019
Depor’s coach wants to see his team breaking the bad streak on the road and is ready to repeat the same scheme. Sporting’s coach wants to see his team playing at his best level in order to have chances to win the match.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He admitted that Depor will repeat the system used against Albacete, and also talked of Quique González. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The game with Sporting: “It’s a new opportunity to add playing away from home, it has been a while without doing it.”

Reasons why the team isn’t wining on the road: “Maye it’s a little o mentality, maybe you don’t have the same tension than against home. In any case, we must to add these points as we will need them.”

Quique González: “It’s a thing of the strikers, his state isn’t the best, not only or the goals. He is fine, training more than before, he demands a lot from himself. I am not worried for his response, he remains to be effective and, at least on the outside, he looks fine.”

 Keeping the 4-3-3? “Yes man. If we found that by playing with wingers it was the fix to everything, then we won’t change. I know the players after a while, so I can make decisions, in all the senses, everyone had a chance and you start making notes, and based on that I am assuming decisions. ”

The next visits are tough: “I assume it as a good opportunity to change the dynamic playing no the road. What best challenge than to face Sporting and Málaga? It should bring hope, because if we want to achieve he goals then we need to add more points on the road.”

Carles Gil: “His absence is tactical, like in the previous cases.  You know that he has the chance to leave, but things are the same than ten days ago. It could last until January 31.”

Dubarbier: “He is happy and there is no problem with him. He understands that you need to work day by day in order to be on shape.”

Christian Santos: “He has learned a lot of things, he is now happier and I believe he realized that he needed to assume certain situations. It’s an important step that will be beneficial to us.”

Big support in El Molinón: “It just add more responsibility to us. We must thank the fans for the support that we will have tomorrow, and we are conscious that we have a goal and that we need to add. We thank them for the support. I am confident that we will be satisfied at the end of this race.”

José Alberto López addressed the media on Friday. He is convinced that his team can win if they are able to show their best level. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Game against Depor: "It's a match with a flavor to Primera, it's very important to be strong at El Molinón, we have to be at our best level. Depor have a problem in terms of away games, but the feelings are better than the points they are getting away from home. It’s a strong team in set-pieces, it’s very competitive in all positions and it’s well directed by Natxo González, if we are at our level, then we will have options."

Depor changed the draw: "Regardless of the draw, they play with a lot of players in the inside, they're going to demand a lot from us, we always look for the best starting eleven and it's a possibility that there will be changes."

Winter window: How do I live the last week of the market? Very calm. I'm isolated from everything. We have a game in which we cannot distract ourselves. My job is to get the most out of those who are here, even though we all like to improve. “

The position of Robin Lod: "Both Robin and Carmona, we chose them to play on the sides although they tend to be more central than wingers. They are players who need a lot of contact with the ball. Of course there are possibilities to see Lod as a playmaker. We work on it for something.”



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