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29 Jan 2019
A game full of mismatches that was corrected as soon as Depor secured the passing lanes, the Galicians achieved a victory on the road for the first time in three months thanks to the contribution of Christian Santos and Borja Valle.

The seven notes from the game Vs. Sporting Gijón:

1- The battle of the errors: The game was frantic in the first half, mainly because both teams were committing errors with the passes that led to attacks by the rival. The three goals came in a frame of only fifteen minutes and the three of them witnessed important mistakes, from the misinterpretation of Pablo Mari in the equalizer to the bad pass of Peybernes in Depor’s second goal. The errors continued until the middle of the second half.

2- Securing the passing lanes: Depor suffered because of its own hurries. Things were under control when the ball was under control, but in specific moments the midfielders, mainly Vicente Gómez, were not securing the passing lanes and it led to losses that Sporting exploited with quick plays, mainly through the side defended by Caballo. Depor lasted almost an hour to understand the situation and the entry of Didier Moreno allowed to secure these passing lanes, just then Sporting started to lack opportunities.

3- Christian Santos: A lot has been said recently regarding Christian Santos. He wasn’t feeling comfortable at the club and the striker decided to hire a motivational coach, then his attitude changed and coach Natxo González noticed it, he promised that the Venezuelan was going to have opportunities and that he would be important, and the first opportunity arrived in El Molinón and it was a successful trial. He completed a solid game with three shots and scoring the winning goal.

4- Great game by Borja Valle: Borja Valle should be considered as the best player in this game, his continues attacks on the left flank explain the good first half of Depor. He completed three shots, made the assist for the first goal and started the counterattack for the second. The attacker even ended as the Depor’s player with more passes (35) and had the second-best passing ratio: 85.7% (the best was Pablo Mari with 87.5%).

5- The entry of Didier Moreno: The Colombian player was key to see Deportivo regaining control at midfield territory, he played 29 minutes and Depor noticed his presence as it was no longer risking the ball. He is known for committing silly fouls, but this time he even was careful in avoiding conceding free-kicks. Truly the last chance for Sporting came after he committed a foul at the edge of the area, but that was a polemic call of the referee as he was whistling everything in favour of the local team.

6- Back to-back wins and winning on the road: This is only the third away victory on the season for Deportivo, and the first in four months after the one at Nástic (1-3, September 30). It’s also the second time with Depor chaining two straight victories, precisely the previous opportunity was at the end of the September with the wins over Granada (2-1) and Nástic (1-3).

7- Winning both games against Sporting: For the third time in the history Depor have defeated Sporting Gijón twice in one single league season, both previous opportunities occurred at Segunda and Deportivo clinched the promotion at the end of both campaigns: 1940/41 (3-1 & 1-3) and 1961/62 (2-4 & 4-0).



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