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29 Jan 2019
The coach and the players were satisfied for winning on the road and for the performance of the team. Sporting’s coach believes the result was unfair.

Coach Natxo González was feeling content for the victory, “I am satisfied for a victory in an important field like El Molinón. I believe we suffered too much, because there were too many bad passes. But we were effective inside the area, and the difference was there. Today was the day. We felt it was the day to make a step forward. The results at home were giving too much comfort.”

He was also praising the game of Christian Santos, “In the daily work he earned the chance to play and I decided it. I am happy for him for his ability to change his situation and offer what he is offering. Today he even had a goal and I am happy for it.”

Later the coach confirmed that some men left the game injured, “With Fede [Cartabia] is a little of what he struggles every week, in some minutes, for his sacrifice and the minutes he has, but the worst case is Carlos [Fernández]. I don’t know about him [Edu Expósito], but I believe it isn’t something serious.”

There were comments also regarding Álex Bergantiños, “Things happen for some reason, today was the day of Bergantiños. To return to Molinón, I believe it was the birthday of his daughter, and I am happy for him. He is loved every place he goes and I am happy for him.”

Finally, Natxo was comparing the 4-3-1-2 and the 4-3-3 systems, “I believe that, if we don’t have the ball as it happened today, then we aren’t having an important presence in attack, then with the new system you are having the sides more covered, maybe the side defenders are liberated as they don’t have to make horizontal movements and are facing the rival face to face, also for their profiles. But if you don’t have the ball, like it happened today, then the striker has to give everything in order to have mobility so there are good and bad things.”

Christian Santos scored a goal and was happy with his performance “Yes, the goal was important and the three points are important. I am happy for my team mates after making a good game. I am happy for helping the team and I hope that things can continue like this.”

The Venezuelan attacker said that he has change his attitude after been helped by a personal coach, “Some things have changed [he laughed] As you can see, I am happy and content. That’s the basic thing to be happy during the trainings. It seems simple, but it isn’t easy if you don’t understand it. It was the outcome of the help that I got. I understood some things and the change started there.”

Álex Bergantiños was returning to his former club and commenting his feeling, “I was here on last year, I met all the people before the game, the staff and club’s employees, so it wasn’t a normal game. We said during the week that we needed to win on the road, and what better place than to do it on here.”

The midfielder also commented the game, “We started fine, what happens is that Sporting make football that complicates the work of the side defenders, they were putting the ball at their back, the centre-backs had to help them and sometimes we had to recover the ball when we were too delayed. It was too complicated and it isn’t easy to go out. We had to remain calm and been intense. I believe we interpreted better the game in the second half, that’s fundamental in this league, so the team made a step forward.”

At Sporting Gijón, coach José Alberto López was saying that his team played a good game, “The errors are clear. We are human and we can all fail. Sporting played a good game today and I think we played a game to not lose. We are going empty and I think unfairly. I'm not disappointed with the performance of the players, not at all.   We completed eighteen shots on goal. The players have tried everything. This is the way to get hooked to the first places.”

He also said that the Asturian team remains having options to reach the playoff zone, "There are 57 points left, it's outrageous. We have to continue. We must remember the disadvantage with which we arrived. I am convinced that we will have opportunities until the last day.” 




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