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12 Feb 2019
Important win against a direct rival that also means a positive tie-breaker, great game by Edu Expósito and Cartabia. Quique González broke the spell and Álex reached the 200 games with Deportivo.

The ten notes from the game at Granada CF.

1- Tough game without suffering: It was one of the most difficult games on the season and Depor passed the test leaving a very positive impression. Perhaps it missed spark in attack, but was very solid in defensive tasks and seized the only error of the local defence. Perhaps the viewer of the game could have suffered during the final ten minutes, but it was more for the narrow score and the desperation of the local players that provoked the rain of cards in the final stretch.

2- The defence: Solid performance by the defence, not because it was perfect the whole time, but because it knew how to adjust the pieces with the passage of time. David Simón started the game missing important passes, and those mismatches were allowing Ramos and Vadillo to find the cracks. They missed aim, and later the defence fixed the errors, to the point that both Vadillo and Ramos were replaced in the second part.

3- Quique González breaks the spell: Quique González had an explosive start at Depor, by the end of September he had scored six goals in seven matchdays, but latter he lost the spark.  Hs previous goal was a penalty against Real Zaragoza (December 16) and lately he was even benched after wasting key opportunities, like against CD Tenerife. And now he broke the spell and he did it with a solid effort as he didn’t think twice after finding that loose ball inside the area.

4- Borja Valle acting as a winger: Not a good game for Borja Valle. He had a decent pass ratio (87.5%), but the problem was that he was making bad decisions, when he had to pass the ball he tried to dribble the rival and was ending losing the ball. He loses a lot of potential been forced to move to the sides, but is a consequence of the system implemented.

5- Edu Expósito and the 4-1-4-1: The initial lineup can be interpreted as a 4-2-3-1, but in several stages it was more a 4-1-4-1. It reduces the potential of men like Borja Valle, but it was perfect for Edu Expósito. The ex-Fabril was playing in a more advanced position and turned to be one of the best players for Depor, mainly when he was combining with Cartabia. He was the player with more passes in the game (42, pass ratio 83.3%)

6- Again Cartabia: Once again Fede Cartabia demonstrated that he can mark the differences. Depor were lost in the first part, but each time that Cartabia was having the ball it was clear that Deportivo was turning to be a dangerous team. Unfortunately, the Argentine playmaker isn’t totally fit to play and Natxo has to assume some risks and later replace him in the second part. Still, he completed three shots ad his sacrifice allowed to steal the ball in the play of the goal.

7- The midfielders: Not the best game for Álex Bergantiños and Pedro Mosquera in the return to the system of two pivotes. They had a lot of problems in the second part and Depor lacked a guide. Mosquera was playing his first game in 2019 ad looked out of form, while Álex had big problems with the mark throughout the second part.

8- Álex reaches 200 games with Depor: Álex Bergantiños made his 200th appearance for Deportivo playing in an official competition. The midfielder is now the 42th player at the club that reaches this mark.

9- Tie-breaker and record against direct rivals: The victory is important not only because a direct rival isn’t adding points, but also because it means that Depor have won the tie-breaker with Granada CF. It’s the same case with Albacete Balompié. Actually, Depor haven’t lost against any of the other five teams that are currently lying among the first six places (5 victories and 2 draws)

10- Seven red cards for Deportivo: Depor continue to raise the record number of red cards saw in a single season. Nahuel’s expulsion is the seventh for the team on this campaign. And that number doesn’t include the expulsions of coaches Natxo González, Bernardo Tapia and Yvan Castillo, the latter also sent off in this game for throwing a ball into the pitch.



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