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12 Feb 2019
The coach and the players were satisfied for the win visiting a direct rival, but also said that Depor must continue in the same path in order to keep fighting for the first two places.

Coach Natxo González said that the game was decided by details, “Without doubt it was an important victory, not anyone can win on here. Until now only Sporting did it before. As you know the teams at the top have been strong at home and it wasn’t easy. We had our phases in the game and had control at times, In the end these equal games are decided in details and through efficiency.”

He also denied the notion that it was the best second half of the season, “I don’t know. I believe that no, we could have done things better. We did some things right, but there’s always room for improvement. I believe it wasn’t our bet second half, we did some things right, but others don’t.”

The Basque man commented how he lived the last minutes, “You know that in these kinds of games the normal thing is to see the rival pressing you. That’s why we put three centre-backs, but I believe we were too delayed. Because the idea was to defend with one more man, but trying to avoid crosses into the area. When the ball is at the edge of the area there’s the chance they can score. We defended well the major part of the time, but later defended too much delayed.”

He also admitted the offensive errors with the passes, “If we weren’t fine in the first part it was because the decisions weren’t the best. I have the feeling that, if the people in attack would have decided better, then we would have had more options. I believe we had more chances to pass the ball in the second part and also had better passes.”

Natxo talked of the importance of defeating a direct rival, “We said before that the game wasn’t decisive, but its important to win in an equal league like this one. It can be fundamental in the end, but it was important to win again on the road, now we can stay among the first positions. Any game can be important, but the most important thing is to not lose the train and enter the final ten matchdays having options.”

Álex Bergantiños was commenting the difficulty of the game, “It’s tough, as always playing away from home, facing a good rival. I believe we made a step forward and it was decided by a detail. The team knew how to suffer and we made an important step.”

“Osasuna won their game and this means a morale boost that we needed since some weeks ago. It reinforces the team as we still have to travel to Málaga. Losing only a few games it will allow us to stay at the top until the end. I believe we made a step forward in terms of intensity and how to compete.” The midfielder added.

Quique González scored the winning goal and admitted there’s euphoria inside the team, but also that Depor must remain calm, “We all are breathing for winning playing on the road, facing a rival at the top, so we all are happy. There’s euphoria, but we must remain calm. We must enjoy the win, but on Saturday another rival arrives, one that’s at the bottom, but that will make things difficult to us. A direct rival isn’t adding points and this is a blow over the desk, the day of Sporting was another one, but we need balance.”

The striker denied the idea that the goal is removing a thorn for him, “It’s pretty to score goals, it was the 0-1 and I’m happy. I work hard for moments like this, but I am only happy for Deportivo, because the team remains up there.”

At Granada CF, coach Diego Martínez was saying that his team didn’t deserve this defeat, "We made a good first half, with many clear shot options and the team deserved something more, we made merits to score a goal. There were moments in which we needed a pause and it wasn’t easy. In the final phase we throw away caste and pride and deserved again the goal, more through direct plays, but with a demonstration of character and fight until the end. I think the defeat is undeserved, but we have to continue.” 




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