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14 Feb 2019
Striker Borja Valle is the player of January at Deportivo. He talked of the moment lived by the club and assures that the team is growing as it has earned maturity.

Borja Valle was named the player of January at Deportivo. He later talked to reporters and analyzed the moment of Deportivo, the injuries striking the squad and the upcoming game with Nástic. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Player of January: “This is the first reward that I receive for playing, something that I didn’t do too often in the past two years. So, this is one more motive to be happy and to realize that my decision was the better one, it’s one more reason to keep on going.”

Finally winning on the road: “We had a pending issue throughout the year and it was to win away from home, and now we are achieving it. It’s important, especially since those were very difficult rivals. It’s a pretty moment for us, unfortunately the Deportivismo isn’t used to live these moments more often. The day of Sporting we all felt that it was the day, that it was the day to win again, and we achieved it in a difficult field. And the day of Granada was more of the same. You feel strong again and it’s a very good moment for this Deportivo.”

Positive record against direct rivals: “We got 17 of 21 possible points against the teams at the top and that’s something really positive. It’s good as this is going to be equal until the end, so anything that we can scratch from the rivals having the same goal turns to be good for us.”

Is the team feeling overconfident? “Not at all. We have won in difficult fields and have drawn at the Riazor after been leading 2-0 against rivals that nobody thought we were going to draw. So, you cannot relax. You need the same tension, because it’s useless to win if you don’t add later.”

Targeting the leadership: “We cannot be obsess with that. If we weren’t winning on the road then you were pushed to do it, now that we do it then we need to reach the first place. We will always have ambitious goals, and I believe that the goal will arrive if we continue like this.”

Do you prefer to play as a striker or a winger? “I feel comfortable in both positions. We have two systems that work and I feel fine on both.”

The injuries: “That’s the negative note, there are partners dealing with injuries and it’s tough to prepare the games when you have people hurt. We hope to count with all of them as this is very long. It’s tough when you cannot train and these are important people. We need them and now we need to support them.”

Is this the best moment of Depor on the season? “It’s a good moment, don’t know if the best. What we can say is that this is a moment of maturity. We are getting the results; the team has found stability and a system that brings results. It’s positive and we hope this can last.”

Game Vs. Gimnástic: “It’s a complicate game, I don’t like to rely in the position at the standings or the streaks. Nástic have made a lot of signing and things aren’t working for them, they have a need and we need to win too.”



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