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16 Feb 2019
Depor’s coach foresees a difficult game if Depor aren’t able to take the lead soon. Nástic’s coach is changing the system and likes to face big rivals at this stage of the season.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is upset as Nahuel remain suspended, while he accepted the team could have problems due to the casualties and with the passage of the minutes. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The committee rejected the appeal for Nahuel: "I'm trying to find a word that describes what I feel and doesn’t hurt anyone's sensibility, I haven’t found it yet, it gives me a lot of rage, a lot of anger to realize he is missing two games watching the videos. Why, I don’t know, but once again we have to eat it with potatoes. "

Didier and Somma will start: "We have to respond to the suspensions and injuries, it will depend on being higher or lower, but we know what answer they will give. I’m happy that Somma has the opportunity because of the professionalism form this guy, with Didier, I just want him to get that game that everybody likes, I know it's not easy, in the end the players are the ones who are watched with a magnifying glass and it does worry me, but he's strong, mature. He’s a very hardworking person and hopefully people can see that he is a boy who is giving us a lot.”

Long list of casualties: "The weaker we are, the more risk of losing points, we will have a very competitive starting eleven, but in some areas we don’t have any variety or alternatives, it can be noticed as the minutes go by if things don’t go well.”

Pedro Sánchez: “If everything would be normal then he wouldn’t be in the roster, because he has hasn’t spent too much time with the group, he has been sidelined for a while. He is fine, logically, if not then he wouldn’t be in. He is one more player and, if we need him for 20 or 25 minutes, then we know what he can give.”

Vicente Gómez: “He is dealing with an issue on the Achilles. We already ruled out a chance of a muscle rupture, neither a tear. It seems it already happened to him at UD Las Palmas and he is better now.”

Will the club sign a free agent? “We need to see the seriousness of the injuries and the deadline for their return. Nothing can be ruled out, but right now it isn’t in the plans.”

Gimnástic: "We are old enough to know that if we aren’t good, then they we won’t win the game, it's a very new team, it's difficult to draw too much conclusions, because last week it didn’t compete. With Enrique Martín as coach we know it will be a game of many Individuals duels, a lot of intensity, aggressiveness and an uncomfortable rival, I don’t consider it to be a defensive team despite playing with three centre-backs, they accumulate a lot of people and are powerful on set-pieces.”

Problems in recent home games: “There’s always something. Now that we are winning on the road there are problems at home. We must go out highly focuses, so we can avoid what happened against Tenerife. We must ask for the fans’ support, especially when things aren’t fine. We are going to need it.”

Enrique Martín addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He accepted that the team will change the system for the visit to the Riazor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Break without playing: "We have had fifteen days without competition and it has helped us to unite the group. In spite of everything, we have a lot of people hanging around there. "

New hope: "We are in that situation of incorporating the lads that have come and are generating a good atmosphere. We see them with great enthusiasm and we’ll see a complicated game. "

Change to a line of four defenders: "I try to find the best for the team at all times and I think this change can work. I like how the team has trained in that position, but then during the game you can change.”

What are you looking for with the change of system? "We are going to face the game with another disposition and we are going to see. You have to move and look for alternatives. In the defensive aspect, the team has been more or less well, but without any goal in favor we are not going anywhere "

Kanté: "Kanté will be on the bench. He is a fast and sparkling player, but for the moment he will wait at the bench. I'm happy with the desire he's putting and he's going to have opportunities for sure. "

Facing the big teams now: “Those games with teams from our league, I prefer to play against them at the end of the season. When you play against teams of high potential, I am one of those who think you get infected, both of the good and the bad things.”

Possible destitution: "We are involved in this thing and, obviously, if we cannot win, then it can happen anywhere. You have to take everything naturally and when you don’t win, then the same they send you home.”



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