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24 Feb 2019
Depor’s coach want to continue winning on the road, but doesn’t want to risk the players coming out of a injury. Málaga’s coach is optimistic with his team.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He analyzed the game and the status of the injured players and Victor Silva. The following is a summary of the things he said.

More than three points? “Yes, we play for three points but what happens is that it might be very important. You never know if those points are going to be decisive at the last breath of the season.”

Recovering players: “It increases the competence and that’s always good. It’s always tough, but it’s better to choose taking in mind tactical aspects rather than the physical condition. A lot still ahead and is important to have everyone ready.”

Carlos Fernández: “Yes, he is ready to play. All the players returning are fine from their injuries and later the pace is what marks the way, but the way to earn that pace is having minutes. Some have spent more time with the group, the ones with less time will have a harder time. It also depends on the characteristics of the players.”

What to expect from the game? “It’s a strong team in physical aspects, they have unbalance on the wing with the arrival of Iván Alejo They are strong in set-pieces and, as you always say, this is a game of details.”

Is this a game to risk with the players going out of an injury? “No. We will first see how the team is. We will make decisions, but not, that risk is not right at this moment, because you can end up missing a player for a month.”

Is the team hoping for a draw? “My hope is to win. If later, we draw then we will judge if it is good or not.  Right now, we are only thinking of winning.”

Vitor Silva: “If he is here it is because there’s the chance he can stay. We will see of Krohn-Dehli is. He [Vitor Silva] is fine, physically, obviously he hasn’t competed all year long and we will see. “

Winning on the road: “I want to see the tendency staying and to see us winning on the road, later on next week it can change. Of course, it will be great to win again on the road, the team has learned to compete outside home, the team is feeling more comfortable and is more efficient. Maybe you never know the reasons for the change, and let’s see if can keep that level.”

Juan Ramón López Muñiz addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked of the game, Deportivo and the change made to the playing system two week ago. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Big match: "We are visited by a good rival, a team destined to be at the top having very good players. A group of the good ones in the league that only a while ago was among the best at Primera Division.”

Full stadium at La Rosaleda: "It’s very important that we can be together. From the first moment we discussed it. There are very important home games and, with the environment in favor, the team gives a plus. The last matches of the tournament are going to be played at home and it’s vital to have an atmosphere of encouragement. It will be a key factor. "

Two consecutive draws at home against Almeria and Las Palmas. "All the points are of vital importance. The team maintains regularity throughout the season. There are teams that make the jump and when others do, we keep the pace. You have to be highly focused and take care of the details."

Deportivo: "It's a squad made to be at the top of the standings. When it plays in the opposite field, then it hurts. They have good individualities. You can be overcoming them in 89 minutes and in a minute they can unbalance the game and have players that make you stay alert all the time. It’s a good team that, without often making their best game, can win because it has very good individualities. It’s designed to be at Primera without any problem.”

Changing the 4-4-2 for a 4-1-4-1: "The systems, as they always told us in the school of coaches, have advantages and disadvantages. As for the forward being more alone, it helps for the arrivals of other players with more liberties. We don’t give importance to the system, we only try that what we do it’s done well.”

Return of Leschuk and Keidi Bare: "Making a roster is often complicated because people are working very well. Any player who comes out to compete knows what he has to do. The level of the team is kept. It’s very important that when there’s a change, whoever enters contributes a lot and that everyone feels involved. The changing room, in this aspect, is a large squad that pushes and adds from the first to the last."

Patience: "In Segunda you have to have a lot and always see the positive side of things. You have to be optimistic in life. I like to surround myself with optimists that, when they see me a little low, the optimist pulls me forward. If you surround yourself with people who don’t think positive, then in the end everyone doesn’t think positive. The team has shown signs that you have to be positive."

Adrián’s renewal: "It's a positive thing. He is an involved player. He has shown involvement from the start. And whenever there is a player in these circumstances, and who has a long contract, is good for him, his family that, from what I have heard, is very happy and satisfied in Malaga. And it’s very good for the club because it needs the player to feel their colors and, regardless of the moment, is the face of the club. From the first day I joined there was never a ‘but’ from him. There was always a word of encouragement, to add and to achieve goals all together."



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