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26 Feb 2019
The coach and the players had mixed feelings with the draw at La Rosaleda, they believe the result was fair, but also that Depor could have done better.

Coach Natxo González was having mixed feelings with the result, “I believe it’s a good result playing on the road, manly for been playing at this stadium, but I am not leaving satisfied. There were details, an error for us that was fixed by Dani [Giménez], another clear chance for Borja [Valle]. The keepers were determinant in key moments.  We made a good job taking in mind the field. I am not satisfied with the draw, but it’s a good result.”

He denied that the team was scare of attacking for avoiding the defeat, “It’s a topic. We are the teams that concede less goals. It doesn’t mean that we are defensive, but we played as always and in front it was a team that’s powerful. Sine that point there’s respect, but it’s not the right moment on the season to be afraid. We did our job.”

After been able to obtain points visiting Sporting, Granada and Málaga, the coach was cautious as Depor will now play three straight matches at home, “We left the toughest stage, but the next one will be at the same height. We must suffered this a couple of weeks ago, the season put you at your place. Truly we will spend the next month without leaving home and, obviously, it must be a productive period.”

Finally, Natxo said that he wasn’t sure if the result was fair, “I don’t know. It might be that yes. There were some clear chances. The one at the beginning of the second half for Málaga. The one of Borja [Valle]… I believe we had a lot of approximations, but without making shots. In a general sense I guess we can talk of a fair result.”

Pedro Mosquera was saying that Depor was the better team in this game “We always say that we go out to all the fields in order to win, in the end I believe we were better than Málaga. We had the ball and were playing at their side of the field. We had our chances, but well, to get a point in a difficult stadium is something positive.”

“In the end the league is very long and I believe that, by only losing a few games, and by been strong at home, we will be fine. I wanted to win the game n any possible way. The last game with Nástic we dropped the points and you find games like this, but the important thing is to leave a positive impression. We are three points away from the leader and we talk with the coach that the team with the stronger mentality is the one that will stay up.” The midfielder added.

David Simón was saying that Depor needed to have a more daring behavior, “It was a hard and tough game. We had the initiative and we improved as the minutes were passing. I believe that both teams had clear chances, but I believe that we could have won the game if we would have created more chances seizing our ball possession. If we would have had more faith, then we would achieved a better result. We made a good job, but sometimes we need to have more confidence.”

Álex Bergantiños talked on Monday as the team returned to the training camp, he was commenting the game and told to be satisfied with the result, “It was a very difficult match, it’s the team with the biggest budget of the league. Now we are with a superior level playing away from home and the team competed well. Within an even game, if someone was closer to winning, it was us. We are satisfied with the impression left, and I think it's a good point. Now there are important matches at the Riazor and it may be the little step we lack.”

And it’s that the midfielder thinks the next three home games at the Riazor can open a favourable gap for Depor, "Yes, this is a long distance race, and you have to arrive in the front group until the end. There, everything will be decided. Now we face consecutive games at home that can open an important difference, but we are aware of the difficulty We have to take a little more. It’s important to recover people who have been out, that’s going to make the group grow. We have to think about our game. We are three points behind the leader, with time to everything and thinking that, in the final stage, we can catch that final peak.”

At Málaga CF, coach Juan Ramón López Muñiz was asked if the result is good and he said that yes, "In the end it's like everything, optimistic or pessimistic, I like to see the good things, we keep moving forward and approaching the objectives, we know how tight everything is, I prefer to see the positive side, the negative always has an excuse. In order to succeed you need to work and strive and we are on that path.” 




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