02 Mar 2019
Diego Caballo conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the left-back talked of the situation of the team, his competition with Saúl for a spot at the starting formation and the lack of goal at Depor.

Q: What it means for Depor and for you to return to the stadium?
A: A new month. March is starting, a month at home, it must be ours. Monday is the first game and we will go out like all the games: to get the three points before our people.

Q: You chained two draws at home, before the fans, is the responsibility too high?
A: No, I think that when we go out on the field we are thinking of winning, not about the moment team is in. The team always goes for the three points.

Q: Do you feel that the Riazor demands more of what you can give?
A: The only difference with those games that we won by 4-0 has been to have a bit of luck. We haven’t been a team that has been locked at the back or that has been wrong. We have had mostly control of the ball possession and more chances than the opponent. We are having a bit of bad luck in front of goal. If we had score one or a couple of the many chances we had, we would have won another match.

Q: You hit the crossbar against Nàstic.
A: That's why I say it. It's the little bad luck we're having now, that we don’t score so many goals. But there will be a time when they will enter. I would be worried if we weren’t having chances. While we have them, I don’t worry so much.

Q: There are aspects to improve?
A: You can be upset, because the team cannot get the ball in, or because you have the bad fortune of hitting the posts, as happened to me, but these are things that happen. Sometimes it enters and sometimes it doesn’t. I would worry that we didn’t have arrivals, that we didn’t have incidence in attack and that in a game we would be ninety minutes tied at the back, or waiting to see what happens. And there hasn’t been any like that. And I hope it will never happen.

Q: Does it not make you doubt this two-goal streak in four matchdays?
A: There will be other games that we will arrive twice and we will score two goals. And we will say: “What a game Depor have done!”

Q: How are you preparing these three games in a row at home?
A: First on Monday. You have to make a good game and get the three points. And so on. It would be foolish to think about ending March, if it has not started yet. The most important day is Monday and then we will think about the next one.

Q: Does it make you nervous to be leaders?
A: No, it has been like this so far. The explanation is always sought, but things have been like that and it happened in different games.

Q: What do you remember about Cristóbal?
A: We coincided for a short time, but all the memories of him, Manjarín and Luis Fandiño are very good. Everything was on wheels with them. When you live with people who make things easy for you and help you to improve, then it’s very easy to work.

Q: Is it like Natxo González?
A: They are different, I cannot say in what especially, but they are different personalities.

Q: What is the difference between them?
A: They have a lot of knowledge, but on a personal level I cannot say if they are similar or not.

Q: They are two key coaches in your career.
A: Yes, Cristóbal made me enjoy a lot of the half year with him. I came from Valencia to play the promotion, and to reach Depor and fight for a promotion was nice. Natxo gave me the chance to climb up and be part of this team.

Q: Are you enjoying the season or are you suffering?
A: I'm enjoying it, last year too, although I had enough injuries at the beginning of last season, but this year I'm enjoying it.

Q: How is your competition with Saul?
A: It’s a very healthy competition and it makes us both grow. If we had bad feelings or misunderstandings, individually it affects each other and especially the team, which is above each player. The union and the group that we make is what will make us be up or pull us down. The team is always the most important thing.

Q: Will the goal from Caballo arrive?
A: Hopefully. It would be pretty to score in my first year at Segunda. Hopefully I can score a goal and make it at the Riazor.

Q: The one of the promotion?
A: Anyone who helps the team will be good. If I can choose, I prefer at the Riazor for family and friends to see it, so that the people I love and who have suffered by my side would enjoy it.

Q: Do you follow Fabril?
A: Yes, even the other day I saw them at the airport in the cell phone. I have great friends there and I always try to see them. They have a complicated situation, the other day they lost against a rival that only made them that chance to score. Things are getting better now. Let's see if they have that little fortune. You have to draw positive things, make a strong group and just think about winning.



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