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06 Mar 2019
Attractive game in which Depor deserved more, but ended dropping points due to its defensive mistakes. Edu Expósito and Quique González impressed with their performance, while Cartabia was the disappointment.

The nine notes from the game Vs. AD Alcorcón:

1- Open game, unfair result: Pleasant surprise by AD Alcorcón, Cristobal Parralo opted in playing an offensive approach in his return to the Riazor and switched the 4-2-3-1 for the 4-4-2, the result was an open game in which both sides tried to propose things. In any case, the result should also be considered as unfair as Deportivo had enough opportunities to claim the victory and it ended paying a high price for its distractions.

2- Expensive mistakes: Natxo González was complaining that, in the day the team found again the effectiveness in attack, it conceded twice due to mismatches. And the true is that Depor suffered a lot against the passing game of Alcorcón and the runs of Nono. The penalty was a big distraction of Cartabia that led to David Simón’s foul, while it’s incredible how the defence failed in the output of the ball when he team was leading 2-1 at minute 85.

3- Bad game by Cartabia: The public s losing the patience with Fede Cartabia, the Argentine playmaker was early replaced in the second half and heard the first whistles of the season. He constantly made bad decisions and only completed 28 passes, to make things worse it was him who failed in the play of the penalty. His only contribution in the game was the free-kick that almost ended in goal (21’), too little from a player expected to be a reference in the league.

4- In-form Edu Expósito: Another solid game by Edu Expósito, who is already the reference of a Deportivo that lack leadership in attack. Th ex-Fabril completed 36 passes and the pity was his great play dribbling two rivals that ended hitting the crossbar (61’).

5- Quique González is back: At least for one game, Quique González returned to be the explosive player of the first stages on the season. He was always there waiting for a chance, and not only scored twice, but also had two clear chances in each half that didn’t end in goals only by the big saves of visiting goalie Dani Jiménez (41’ & 50’)

6- Deportivo need Vicente Gómez: Natxo González is a coach that likes to give continuity to his midfielders, because for him the continuity is really important, but both Álex Bergantiños and Pedro Mosquera continue to be intermittent players that don’t bring the necessary vision to play the ball. Vicente Gómez entered the field for the final fifteen minutes and only needed one touch to create the play off the penalty. Natxo justified his decision on the fact that the Canarian midfielder is going out from an injury, but the true is that Depor need his vision on the pitch.

7- Good game by Nahuel Leiva: First game as a starter for Nahuel Leiva, the Argentine winger left a positive impression with his moves, he completed 46 passes (pass accuracy 74%) and one shot. He lost presence in the second half, but definitely adds depth on the sides, something that this Deportivo didn’t have before with Borja Valle and Cartabia acting as wingers.

8- That last change by Natxo González: The public was furious with the last substitution made by Natxo González as Somma replaced David Simón. It was considered as a panic move that didn’t solve the problem of having a team unable to manage advantages within the last minutes. The coach justified himself saying that the modification was needed as David Simón was already booked and wanted to avoid the expulsion, and also because Somma was already warming while the introduction of Boveda, who is used to perform on the sides, would have needed more time.

9- Failing at the last minutes: This is the sixth opportunity on the season in which Deportivo drop two points after allowing an equalizer within the last ten minutes, it means twelve points that might be too expensive at the end of the season. The worst part is that it is the second straight home game with Depor losing the advantage after allowing a late goal.



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