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08 Mar 2019
Centre-back Pablo Mari believes that Depor is on the right track and doesn’t believe the team is feeling anxious after the most recent draws.

Pablo Mari talked at the press room on Thursday, he said that Depor must remain calm and focused after the most recent results, "We have a type of footballer with a lot of experience, many even who have played at Primera. We are a very mature team. There are times when we know that you have to stay calm, even when there’s euphoria and other moments in which you aren’t very well, and the environment isn’t heling you. But we must remain calm. We all want to be first, but we don’t have to be overwhelmed."

He denied that the team is anxious after the errors committed against AD Alcorcón, "I don’t think there is anxiety. The game gets complicated, but we throw away with class, heart and all we have in order to comeback. We made 75 minutes that were very good against a great rival and for a detail, they score. They had three chances and scored two goals. But you have to take out the positive things and the team is very well physically when the end of the matches is coming.”

The centre-back was trying to explain why Depor have allowed late equalizers in six different opportunities, "The other day, for me, we took the initiative and the domain for 80 minutes. Their moment was seven minutes in the first part and what they lasted in scoring the second. They don’t give three straight passes, they don’t approach the area... we have control and absolute control of the game. We are not machines and there may be mistakes, but we still don’t lose at our stadium."

The Valencian player was also pointing out that the Segunda tournament is tough, "Anyone who thinks it's going to be simple, that rivals are going to come here and make it easy for us, is wrong. Being up at the standings by the end of the tournament will be a cohesion of all. That the fans support us and that we have peace of mind. We don’t worry about the distance with the first two places. There are direct confrontations between them and with us. You have to go week to week. I respect the opinion of each one, but we know that the fans will accompany us until the end ".

Finally, Mari talked of Sunday’s game against UD Las Palmas, "They have changed their coach, right now they will be with a positive attitude. With much desire to come here, big game, to demonstrate and claim the win. There are many incentives for them, but we play at home and we cannot miss the three points."



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