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12 Mar 2019
Painful result for Deportivo and the coach and players ae already admitting that the team is in crisis.

Natxo GonzŠlez was commenting the key for the game, ďThe game was balanced, there was a sense of control, and maybe their changes were favorable to them. We were pending of the physical state of Pedro [SŠnchez] and Vicente, so itís hard to manage the situation, but itís true that you had things under control and that any winner would come by a detail and it was like that.Ē

He admitted that Depor are in crisis, ďNow I believe we are in a delicate moment on the season, the first on the whole campaign, and not for todayís results, but for the things lived in recent matchdays, especially a home. This is the most difficult moment of the campaign, but I lived difficult moments in order to achieve things. This is a difficult moment and itís time to demonstrate the kind of team that we are.Ē

ďWhen you are bad, it isnít only by one reason. Many factors are aligned. The individual performance affecting the collective. To face a difficult moment that we didnít have before. Maybe we are learning where we are now and that we need to make a step forward, individually ad collectively. We need to be united and to be convinced that this is a pretty challenge. Itís easy when things are fine, but now itís a challenge for me as a coach.Ē He added.

The Basque man didnít want to accept the idea that Depor were playing desperately since the start, ďI donít know if desperate in the right word. You allow a goal at the end and itís tough to try to revert the situation especially with our antecedents. We need to analyze. We had a good team in front of us, maybe their changes helped a lot. Itís over, we must try to improve.Ē

Finally, Natxo explained that Nahuel left the game injured, ďThe change was for Pedro [SŠnchez], but they sent me the message that Nahuel had problems, and he made a gesture like having an adductor problem, so thatís why Pedro stayed and the change was made for Nahuel.Ē

Pedro Mosquera was worried as Depor still conceding late goals, ďWe had a better possession, but didnít have arrivals, and itís starting to be worrying as we allow goals within the last minutes. There are things that arenít working, and those mistakes need to be fixed.Ē

For Vicente Gůmez the team is in crisis, ďIn many phases of the game we locked them at their area, but we werenít able to create clear chances. The team is giving everything, but we are in a delicate moment. It isnít for not pushing. Today it was important to win and I am going home sad.Ē

Eneko Bůveda talked on Monday and denied the idea that Depor are crippled playing at the Riazor, "I donít think there was any blockage. Without being a good match, it was disputed and could have fallen to any side. The level of Las Palmas was seen, which is high and similar to ours. Things havenít gone well for them, but before starting the year, you looked at their team and it was powerful, even with ours. And so the game came out. We're not happy, but I didnít see the team blocked or a steamroller passing over us. "

A UD Las Palmas, Pepe Mel was content for what it meant to win the game, ďWe played against a team that knows how to transit between defence and attack. We matched the expectations, better in the second half than in the first, because we had the ball more time. They had to run and ended tired. This team needs to win, no matter we play ugly itís fundamental to win. Tomorrow is time to train and to think of Mallorca.Ē 




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