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15 Mar 2019
The Sporting director of Deportivo talked to reports, he denied the rumor that Natxo González could be fired in case of losing against UD Almeria, and also analyzed the moment of the team.

Carmelo Del Pozo addressed the media on Thursday as the club presented new signing Vitor Silva. Depor’s sporting director denied the rumor coming from Radio Onda Cero about the possible exit of Natxo González if Depor lose against UD Almeria. He also analyzed the poor moment of the team and the situation at the standings. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The decision to sign Vitor Silva: "We valued the market and Michael's situation was complicated, we knew the situation of Vítor and wanted to see his physical condition, he can appear in several attacking positions, that possibility existed and we decided to incorporate him."

The bad moment of Deportivo: “In the club there’s unity, strength and conviction that we are going to move ahead with the season, nobody has given me any doubt, the normal thing is that all the teams have good and complicated moments. now we are in one of them and the key is to show strength, we all have to take a step forward and get out of this moment.”
Doubts with Natxo González? “Every week I talk to the board of directors about any aspect of the club and I have never noticed the slightest hint of doubt. I just hope that the information that comes out is contrasted, because it costs nothing. If something is information is contrasted, if it’s an opinion then is respected. There hasn’t been the slightest doubt about Natxo. No matter what happens against Almeria, Natxo will continue.”

The referees: "The club is surprised with some decisions by the referees, we respect them, but we don’t share them, it's amazing to see the number of fouls made and received and it surprises us."

The injury of Carlos Fernández: "Carlos' situation is a repeated injury, it has nothing to do with his previous problems, we must be calm to avoid a relapse, first with the player and then with the team, because he’s very important for us. Carlos is very important to us. In the beginning there were doubts, but we always say the same. It’s very good to enjoy a Primera player like him, in Segunda."

The situation at the standings: "Last year, Huesca had an advantage of ten points over Sporting and then Sporting came back, I think the most important thing is to think about us, we have to be solvent, regular and constant. If you don’t win, then it doesn’t help to look at others and the subject is on us. Depor have been regular, it’s true that it didn’t win several matches in a row, but it has been regular statistically, we have to demand more, that’s obvious, but the winning streaks are very difficult to achieve. who gets it makes a jump at the standings. Other teams would be enchanted to spend so much time in the playoff zone, but we want more. Last year, two of the relegated clubs from Primera didn’t even play it, and curiously they are now in direct promotion, probably having less pressure and anxiety.”

Criticism for not signing during the winter window: “I believe in this team and I don’t think that we needed more winter signings.”

Fans frustration: “I understand the criticism from the fans, but from the understanding and love it is possible to achieve things. I believe the goal will be achieved if we all add things What interest me is to win and that’s also what people want.”

Promotion: “The team with the better reaction after the hits is the one that will reach the promotion and I believe that a lot still ahead.”

Home performance: "In these last four home games we have been closer to winning than losing, in those games you can lose as it happened the other day against UD Las Palmas, we have always had the feeling that we could have won. With the passing of the weeks, there is more pressure and anxiety, the reasons are because the season is even and there are times when the positive results don’t come. It happened to Granada and more teams. We need to cut the bad streak as soon as possible, the one that is more regular will get better results.”



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