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22 Mar 2019
Both coaches talked of the expected high pressure to be put by UD Almeria. Depor’s coach also emphasized the importance to be mentally strong at this height in the competition.

Natxo González addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He explained the situation of the injured players and previewed the expected high pressure of Almeria. The following is a summary of the thing he said.

State of the squad: "The roster will be released tomorrow. Quique González is fine and we will wait for tomorrow. In the beginning, all the players are fine, but we won't force Carlos [Fernández]. Yes, they [Quique González and Vitor Silva] are ready to be starters, the question is for how many minutes.”

Missing to win at home in March: "Some fans might be sad for not seeing the team stepping up in March, for them it was disappointing. But we aren't talking of finals at this point. These are only three new points. Beyond been a problem, this is an opportunity for us in order to move forward and seize the chance.”

Replacing Edu Expósito: "Surely he [Edu Expósito] is important, but I had problems all year long and my work is to seek for alternatives. Vitor Silva might be a choice. He is better now.”

Feelings: “Without competing we have three more points, how can I be in a hurry?. After a setback like the one against Las Palmas we were sad, but this goes on. More than a problem, we see it as a beautiful opportunity to take a step forward and claim, both individually and collectively, an assertion. Increasing performance is a personal challenge for everyone. You have to look for the positive side of things and go for it. We cannot go into depressions."

Mental aspect: “It’s always important. As the head is not right, the rest doesn’t pull you up. We will always give importance to the mental aspect, especially from here to the end. Intelligence has to be more important than the heart. There will be specific moments when you have to go with everything."

Almería: “It will be similar to what we find there. Their main virtue is the body-to-body aspect, plus the intensity. Almost certainly they will come here to put a high pressure. With the experiences we have had, we must look for solutions and players for that type of game."

High pressure: “When the rival presses you have less options to come out from the back with pause and a clean output. We have moved well when they have given us peace at midfield, but when they don’t give it to us, then we have problems. At a tactical level, we have to look for alternatives, take advantage of spaces left in other areas. "

The status if Nahuel Silva and Cartabia: “Nahuel is fine, also Fede [Cartabia]. Fede skipped a session due to illness, but he is like a champion."

Fran Fernández addressed the media on Wednesday’s noon. He is aware of the difficulty of the task and denies that Depor will be affected by the latest results. He also announced that they will attempt to put a high pressure in the game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Expectations for the game: “It’s very important, because these are three vital points for the goal of been at Primera. I hope my team is going out not to see them coming as it happened against Sporting. I have no doubt that Deportivo will fight until the end for the direct promotion. Their responsibility is to go up yes or yes, but we must follow our habitual game plan.”

“We are facing one of the best squads in the league, the second best local team and the one with more goals at their stadium. So we are conscious of the difficulty of the task. But all the teams at Segunda are aware that, at this height in the competition, every game is difficult, these are equal games in which is difficult to see a team dominating the entire time.”

Goal of the team for the season: “It would be bigger to defeat Depor than Rayo Majadahonda, but it has the same value. Mallorca, Oviedo and Cadiz are thinking of the playoff. We are only thinking of reaching the 47 points. It would be a nice gift to win in A Coruña. “

Deportivo: “They have a strong positional attack, with quality players, especially the ones entering from the second line, and also have a good scorer.  It’s a very complete team, a side that knows how to initiate the game from the back. We know we need a strong pressure so the rival won’t feel comfortable. We are going to put a high pressure, with advanced lines, been together and not allowing to display the game they want.”

Crisis at Depor? “They are professionals that have met similar situations and have a strong squad. They have the pressure of been forced to get the promotion yes or yes and we will see what happens throughout the game, but we also visited Sporting when they were in a similar situation and Almeria didn’t do its best game.”

Renewal of contract: “It would be incoherent to think of my future without achieving the permanence first, and now we are only focused on Deportivo. We must close the permanence and later we can talk.”

Juan Carlos returns to the Riazor: “[Juan Carlos] Real has the mind focused on the right things and maybe, emotionally, the charge will be high for this game, but I trust he will be focused.”



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