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24 Mar 2019
Natxo González has lost control as the team increases the depression in the downward spiral. The team lacks a leader at midfield and was terrible with the crosses and set-pieces. It has now spent five home games without winning.

The eight notes from the game Vs. UD Almeria

1- From bad to worse: The descending line of Deportivo continues; the team has passed to be an unlucky team that drops points at the last minutes, to be a lucky team for not losing when the rival has been the better side. The current bad streak started with a Depor that was creating chances and scoring goals, but that was allowing late goals that cost points (Tenerife, Nástic, Alcorcón). Now it is a team that isn’t better than the rival and that depends of a miracle in order to create a chance to score and even to avoid conceding.

And its that, against UD Las Palmas, Depor were never better that the rival, and against UD Almeria it was the Andalusians side the one having the better opportunities, an only the woodwork and Dani Giménez prevented s new defeat. An alarming decomposition that has converted Deportivo from a candidate to promotion into a big question mark.

2- No solutions from the coach: Natxo González already lost control of the situation. He has been unable to fix the problems of a team that is not the same one of the first round. It calls the attention that he tries to take care of the minimal detail, even having training sessions on the same day of the games and releasing the rosters hours before the kick-off, but the team always stayed disconnected. Against UD Almeria, the team tried to stay focused completing a training session ten hours before the kick-off, but by minute 2 the defence was already distracted, to the point of allowing Jose Corpas to release a shot from the edge of the area that ended hitting the post.

And the coach is also failing making adjustments throughout the games, in this match he made the weird decision of ending with David Simón as a left-back defender and Pedro Sánchez covering the right side. Natxo explained that the decision was made in order to increase the depth on the left flank, but that depth is useless if the player covering that side in unable to release a proper cross. David Simón, who ended attacking by that side, released 7 crosses a none of them met the target.

3- A scheme that isn’t working: the lack of a leader: Natxo had been switching the draw lately and nothing is working, and the reason is that the team lacks a leader capable of commanding the output of the ball an later have the needed criterion to open the play and stat a scoring opportunity. In the past that role was for Vicente Gómez, Carles Gil and Fede Cartabia.  But the first is out of form, the second is in the MLS and the latter is a cartoon of the player expected to be. Edu Expósito has also tried to assume the role, but he is currently suspended.

4- Disaster with the crosses and set-pieces: Deportivo were terrible at the moment of ending the few chances created, and a lot had to do with the poor crosses made throughout the match. Of the 26 crosses attempted by the Galicians, only 2 met the target and precisely those were the best opportunities for them. The first one the corner-kick in which Pablo Mari headed the ball over the crossbar (21’), and the second the cross of Saúl that ended in the double chance for Christian Santos and Pedro Sánchez (55’).

The set-pieces of Pedro Sánchez and Cartabia were also a disaster, usually short crosses that were easily cleared by the defence. And to make things worse, the crosses were so poor that ended converted into counterattacks, like the big chance of Luis Rioja against Dani Gimenez (61’), play started after a poor corner-kick of Pedro Sánchez.

5- Solid game by Didier Moreno: Of the few things that can be rescued from the game it’s the performance of Didier Moreno. The Colombian made his 9th appearance as a starter, it was the chosen alternative in order to surpass the high pressure from UD Almeria and had a decent performance, been the second player with more passes (58) and having a decent 86% pass accuracy.

6- Saved by Dani Giménez: The goalkeeper is demonstrating to be the best signing of the season. He once again saved the team with three saves, mainly the one-on-on action against Luis Rioja (61’) that could have cost a new defeat. A totally different picture compared to the disaster had at the goal on last season.

7- Promising debut by Vitor Silva: New signing Vitor Silva had a little more of ten minutes during his debut, and he gave glimpses of been a possible solution to the big problems at midfield. He is an interesting player with the vision to drill passes, and he demonstrated it with the pass to Nahuel that almost ended in a penalty from Rene (80’).

8- The bad streak at home continues: Deportivo have now played seven games at the Riazor in 2019 and only won once, it is dragging a mark of five straight home meetings without a victory, it’s the worst streak with the team at Segunda since the eight straight games without winning at home from the campaign 1987-1988.



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