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24 Mar 2019
The coach is convinced that the team has a mental problem that isn’t allowing the players to enjoy of football. He admitted the criticism, but also said that the only solution is to continue working.

Natxo González was analyzing the game and feeling sorry for the state of the team, “The game was what you saw. It was as we expected, with ups and downs, they are fast in attack. And we are also fast from midfield to attack, and it happened like that. They could have won, also us, and it followed the pattern of both teams, a secure Almeria following the dynamic they have, without pressure. And us with that anxiety to win. Imprecise, uncomfortable. I have lived these situations before and know it’s tough to surpass it. The solution is to keep working. We are humans and are carrying a big weight of responsibility that doesn’t allow us to run and have the right attitude, without enjoying football. “

“We previewed during the week that high pressure, and we worked hard to release it and carry the ball into their backs. But we were going back after passing the ball up front, We lacked lucidity and it is for not been enjoying the game.” He added.

He admitted the team is not feeling comfortable at the Riazor, “Yes, it isn’t helping us. You have more responsibility as you want to please the people, bring joy to them, but well… this can happen an what we must do is to have this. As things are fine everything will be in our favour, and the opposite. There’s people helping, but others that don’t and we must live with it.”

The Basque coach was talking of lack of mentality and pressure over the players, “You have players that aren’t playing normally, we all should agree that these players shouldn’t be like that. They have a responsibility and want to do things, they know what it means to wear this badge. It’s difficult and I understand, but you cannot suffer in a field. We have to enjoy and we have to return into that place.”

He understands the criticism from the fans, “I signed for Depor and my goal is to be here as long as possible, and I work daily for that, and I will work each day until the end. Until the last moment I will do everything possible. It’s tomorrow the last moment? I don’t know. What will I do? I am a fighter and could go out of here for the results, but with the head high for working hard. My name will come out in the polls, that’s for sure, but I must continue working.”

Finally, Natxo said that the club cannot be obsessed with the promotion, “We must be cautious and cannot spend the whole day talking of the direct promotion or the playoff. We aren’t in conditions to look at others, we need to win!  We must be focused in improving. It will be wrong to be obsessed with the promotion.”

No matter the words from the coach, Didier Moreno said that he enjoyed for playing this game, “Despite the result, I ended with good feeling and enjoyed for playing. No matter we didn’t achieve the result, I believe that, if we compete like this, we will be closer to the goal. We weren’t able to add the three points or having a fluid game, but there’s room for improvement.”

“I always remained calm, talking to the partners. I am enjoying for been playing and are trying to bring my best. I felt comfortable in the position. The team is calm, conscious that we must add, but confident for having this potential. We hope to recover our scoring memory.” The Colombian player added.

Vitor Silva was talking after debuting with Deportivo, “Obviously, I am content for the debut, but the important thing was to win and it wasn’t possible. I believe the team is a bit anxious, it isn’t the best moment on the season and it should be considered as normal. You are always worry when you don’t win, but the three points will arrive, and surely will pass this moment.”

At UD Almeria, coach Fran Fernández was proud of his team, "We only missed that final shot, because the team had a great game for 85 minutes, leaving the skin behind, Depor have a lot of quality and we were a bit superior, but lacked a bit of finishing, the team is competing very well. I hoped that we wouldn’t regret failing those occasions, because the opposite side would give the final push. We do what we can with our weapons and I'm proud of the team. We need very little for the standout, although the final notes are coming out in June, there are eleven matchdays left. We are a team in which everyone is supportive and nobody stands out above others We are close to the objective and we will fight a lot in case the rivals who are up there get distracted. If we get carried away by the sensations we have to look upwards.”



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