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29 Mar 2019
Deporís keeper is conscious that the team is failing, but is also convinced that the players are committed and that a return to the diamond figure is the right step.

Dani Gimenez talked to the media before Thursdayís session; he was analyzing why Depor are failing in recent matchdays, "Inside the squad we donít believe in bad luck, we believe we are doing things worse than before. When you have doubts itís more difficult to make the game you want and itís normal that a rarefied environment is created around the team. We have detected whatís wrong and we know what to do, but these are words and if then things donít go well...Ē

During the week, the coach has tested in returning into the 4-3-1-2, and Deporís goalie sees this with good eyes, "When you have things clear in a tactical sense you remove doubts to the player. So, if you donít impose yourself in the duels, then you have three or four clear things, and the diamond figure is something we manage well. In the last matches we havenít used it, but we have a positional base that hasnít changed. "If there is a tactical change, it also obeys to the rival's way of playing and our form. We arenít looking for a revolution, but everything thatís simplified in times of crisis is good.Ē

He was analyzing the game against Real Oviedo, "With a team like Oviedo, that their way of playing is very clear, you know how they are going to try to hurt you and how you can do it to them. Tactically, the game is simplified. but these are dangerous games because they are very strong in their own.Ē

The keeper was defending the will of the players and also believes the next game is not a final, but very important, "In this squad there are no people who donít feel committed, people who arenít affected by what happens. It is costing us when we have to carry the weight, when you have in your head that you are superior and you have to carry the weight of the game yes or yes. Now it arrives a match to mature, in which a detail can give you the three points or take them away. If the results donít start to arrive, despite the fact that the top teams are also failing and will fail again... Oviedo's game is not definitive, but we have to face it as if it were. The transcendence is maximum.Ē

Finally, Dani Gimťnez explained why he thinks the team is failing playing at home, "What is happening is that, outside home, we are clear thatís difficult to win. You donít have in mind that you are in your stadium and you have to go over the rival. In some games maybe we saw ourselves superior before time, or we were overcome because the opponent was doing things better... sometimes it's okay to have to be holding on in the minutes that you're not well and then seize the moments to impose yourself."



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