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07 Apr 2019
A new por game by Deportivo and the second home defeat on the season. The team only completed a shot on target when the rival was playing with ten men and it happened in the added time.

Fede Cartabia wasn’t fit to play and was dropped from the final roster for the game. The big surprise in the 4-3-1-2 lineup of coach Natxo González was to see Nahuel Leiva acting as playmaker, Pedro Sánchez started on the bench.

Dani Giménez was the starting keeper, Eneko Bóveda covered the right side in defence, the left side was for Diego Caballo. Pablo Mari and Domingos Duarte were the centre-backs. Edu Expósito was joining Didier Moreno and Vicente Gómez at midfield.  Then Nahuel was playing behind Carlos Fernández and Quique González.

At Rayo Majadahonda, coach Antonio Iriondo was playing with the expected 3-5-2 formation with the only novelty of striker Manu Del Moral been a starter alongside Aitor Rubial in attack.

Terrible first part by Depor, it was a mirage at the start as the locals controlled the actions, but things changes as soon as the Madrilenians realized of the problems at the back of Deportivo, only their lack of aim allowed a goalless draw at the middle of the game.

Deportivo had the first arrival in the match, Caballo released a cross from the left and Carlos Fernández headed the ball out (2’). The Galicians had the control of the actions against a rival that was holding on and trying to release a counterattack. But that picture only lasted fifteen minutes.

At minute 12, Vicente Gómez attempted from the edge of the area and the ball went wide. Depor weren’t facing the pressure of past games, but still were lacking ideas in attack. The first chance for the visiting side was for Enzo Zidane, who sent the ball out from inside the area after collecting a deflection of Dani Giménez (17’).

This chance was followed by a long-distance shot of Héctor Hernández that missed the target (19’). Rayo Majadahonda started to look more dangerous thanks to the speed of Fede Varela, Manu Del Moral and Aitor Ruibal.

At the same time, Depor started to look like a broken team, there were many mistakes passing the ball at midfield and the defence had many problems to contain the fast attacks from the rival. So, it wasn’t a surprise to realize that the best opportunities were for Rayo Majadahonda. At minute 30 a lateral free-kick ended in a deflection of Héctor Hernández that went over the crossbar.

At minute 38, Héctorappeared again to head a cross from the left and Dani Giménez caught the ball. Two minutes later the same Héctor collected the ball inside the area and his low shot was deflected with the legs by Dani Giménez.

The debacle was completed in the final part, because Rayo Majadahonda found the aim in this part and Deportivo continued to show its miseries. The poor spectacle caused several fans to leave before the final whistle, and the ones that stayed constantly protested for the performance of the team.

Natxo moved the bench at half-time and Vitor Silva replaced Vicente Gómez, but the change didn’t modify the picture, because Rayo Majadahonda continued to be the superior side and because Silva was constantly missing his passes, just like the rest of the team.

But the difference in this half was that Rayo Majadahonda found the aim missed in the first half. And the deserved goal arrived in a counterattack that ended with a long pass from Luso that allowed Aitor Ruibal to control the ball and score with beautiful volley from inside the box. There was no reaction from Depor, Nahuel continued running without creating any damage, while Carlos Fernández and Quique González were diluted in the mediocrity.

Depor were arriving from time to time, like the free-kick of Vitor Silva that Didier Moreno headed out (63’). And when the Galicians started to push, they found the second goal from Rayo Majadahonda, again a counterattack and again ended by Aitor Ruibal, this time with a crossed and low shot into the near post of Dani Giménez.

Pedro Sánchez was the second substitution as he replaced Eneko Bóveda, then Edu Expósito was replaced by Borja Valle. The modifications just launched a series of movements without explanation, like seeing Pedro Sánchez as a right-back, or Nahuel constantly exchanging the position of playmaker and winger.

The result was an indulgent Deportivo that never gave a sense of danger, the public didn’t stand what they were watching and the whistles were constant. Some of them left with fifteen minutes still on. One of the few chances for Depor came at minute 79, Carlos Fernández collected a cross from the left and his header went close to the far post.

The game was so bad by Depor that they were unable to complete a shot on target until the rival was left with ten men. Substitute Carlitos had to be stretched out after suffering an injury and there were no more substitutions. Those shots on target came at the end through Nahuel (89’) and Caballo (90+2’) and in both visiting goalie Basilio made the saves.

The implosion of Deportivo continued, this time with the worst game on the season. The team did nothing in attack, to the point that only completed a shot on target until minute 89, several minutes after the rival was playing with ten due to an injury. Rayo Majadahonda could have even won by a bigger margin if the Madrilenians would have seized the chances in the first half.

The result left Deportivo at the edge of been pulled out of the playoff zone, and to make things worse the next game is the toughest one as the Galicians visit leaders CA Osasuna (Saturday, 18h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-3-1-2) Dani Giménez – Bóveda (Pedro Sánchez 70’), Domingos Duarte, Pablo Mari, Caballo – Didier Moreno, Edu Expósito (Borja Valle 74’), Vicente Gómez (Vitor Silva 46’) – Nahuel – Carlos Fernández, Quique González.
Majadahonda: (3-5-2) Basilio - Luso, Morillas, Galán - Óscar Valentín (Delgado 79’), Fede Varela, Enzo (Galán 70’), Benito, Iza Carcelén – Manu Del Moral (Carlitos 46’), Aitor Rubial.
Goals: 0-1: (51’) Aitor Ruibal, 0-2: (69’) Aitor Ruibal
Referee: Gorostegui Fernández-Ortega. He showed yellow card to Vicente Gómez (9’), Benito (46’), Carlos Fernández (47’), Didier Moreno (48’) & Vitor Silva (89’)
Venue: Riazor (15,800)
Other statistics: Ball possession (57% - 43%); Attempts to score (2 – 6); Total shots (15 - 14); Shots on target (2 - 6); Saves by the keepers (4 - 2); Corner-kicks (4 - 1); Offsides (0 - 3); Fouls committed (23- 12); Passing accuracy (86% - 84%)



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