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08 Apr 2019
A team that continues to show the same signs of exhaustion, Depor only completed shots on target until the rival was with ten men on the pitch, and the public are already asking for radical measures.

1- Impotence: The same Deportivo of the game against UD Almeria, only that this time it lost the game. Against the Andalusians the Galician team was blocked and only got a point because of Dani Gimťnez and the lack of ideas by the rival, this time the game was following the same pattern, but Rayo Majadahonda won because its coach made the needed adjustments in the second part. The worst thing from the game is that it isnít an accident, but the continuation of a downward trend that doesnít seem to have ended.

2- Reconciliation on the stand, war at the stadium: For the first time in five years former president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro attended to the Riazor and he was sit next to Tino FernŠndez, a reconciliation that seemed possible after a TV station presented a program about the glorious past of the club, but that reconciliation didnít calm the Riazor as, throughout the game and especially at the end, there were huge protests for the poor performance of the team, many fans even left the stadium 15 minutes before the final whistle.

3- Difference between the coaches: Huge difference demonstrated in the decisions made by both coaches. Iriondo saw that his team lacked definition in the first part, so after the break he put Carlitos on the pitch, thus Aitor Ruibal was moved to the centre in order to have one-on-one actions against Domingos Duarte, and the attacker succeed twice to score a brace, a simple movement that defined a game.

Meanwhile, Natxo changed the draw three times, passing from the 4-3-1-2 to the 4-2-3-1 and ending with a 4-1-4-1, putting players out of position like seeing Nahuel acting as a playmaker and Pedro Sanchez as a right-back. Big part of what Depor are suffering is for the decisions of the coach and his inability to find solutions.

4- Shooting on target until the end: The game of Deportivo was so bad that their only two shots on target came starting at minute 89, just when the rival was playing with ten men. Substitute Carlitos had to be stretched off at minute 81 and there were no more substitutions available.

5- Two goals in four games: Deportivo have only scored two goals in its last four games, and it isnít an accident as the team is barely creating chances to score. This coincide with the return of Carlos FernŠndez, who represented the best of Depor in the first round.

6- The bad streak at home continues: Deportivo have now played eight games at the Riazor in 2019 and only won once, it is dragging a mark of six straight home meetings without a victory, itís the worst streak with the team at Segunda since the eight straight games without winning at home from the campaign 1987-1988.



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