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08 Apr 2019
There was self-criticism, but Deportivo continue to show the same impotence of past games. The coach is not giving up despite the fans ask for his exit. The players tried to explain whatís happening to the team.

Coach Natxo GonzŠlez seemed defeated after the poor impression left by Deportivo, he was trying to explain why the team showed this plane performance, "We started fine in the game, the first minutes. We knew that in front of us we had a rival with the ability to have the ball. But we didnít finish the actions, we didnít generate danger and they were finding spaces and we became smaller. In the second half, the same, the goal hurt and you're going against the tide. We had will, we want, we want, but we havenít been able.Ē

"I am worried about the form. We havenít had options at any moment. I'm not going to sell a lie. What you have seen has also been seen by me. When that level is so weak, itís very hard to want and not to be able to do things, to not have arrivals. The opposite is better than you. It's what you spin around. Last week it seemed that we had had improvement towards the way we wanted. In the end itís frustration, disappointment, we lack energy.Ē He added.

Asked about how he felt, he answered, "Never give up. Now I will go to my house and I will collapse and hit my head against the wall. But tomorrow, if God wants it, there will be a dawn and itís our job. Surrendering doesnít go with me. It's a day to give up, but I believe a lot in what we are doing and we must move forward.Ē

Then a journalist asked if he things this was his last game at Depor, ďI will be here working until the last day. I assume that I am the main responsible and that I have to carry in a personal level with whatís coming on you. These arenít pleasant moments, but you know that in my career there are moments of all kinds and now itís time for the delicate and complicated moment.Ē

Finally, Natxo was trying to explain the modifications mad in the second half, "VŪtor was position by position, trying to manage the ball better, which we had already lost. In the case of Vicente, he was with a card, arriving late to the plays. Then, the change of Pedro was because they had turned into a diamond figure and we had arrivals from the outside and Pedro was fresher. And about Borja Valle it was for a fatigued Edu, for giving a little pause to Edu, who was already in the last moment.Ē

Dani Gimťnez was one of the players that faced the media, he was saying that changing the coach isnít the solution, ďSomething has to be done and the easy thing is the coach. Itís in our hands to help him to continue. He is doing everything possible to see us calm, that we can believe in ourselves. We are all doing badly and if any player believes that by changing the coach he will play better, then heís wrong. I understand that from the outside, the fans or the press talk about the easiest change, but everything goes through the players. We do have self-criticism. Natxo, Zidane or Guardiola... if we donít step forward it doesnít matter who comes."

Later the keeper admitted that the Depor lack joy to play, "It has been a reflection of how the team is doing. There are no more laps. Few individual actions can be saved. Maybe to rescue Didier, we thank him for the effort and that he has given the best in a complicated situation. The rest... good punctual actions, a start with high pressure and no more. Not having clear ideas penalizes us. The team has hit rock bottom. We know that if we are like that itís our fault and the only way to get out is to make a step forward. We see ourselves surpassed. The joy that Rayo have is what we are missing.Ē

Eneko Bůveda was the other player that talked to reporters, he was saying that Depor are blocked, "Almost saying that, letís hope, there isnít anything worse yet to come. We are in a downward trend, it's been a long time since we won here and, apart from the results, we also havenít had very bright matches. Today everything was put together. An opponent that has been superior and the worst game at the worst moment.

"What worries me the most is not seeing the players doing the things they know or know how to do it. When you know that a partner knows how to do certain things and doesnít fulfill the duties... we are a team that nobody approves. We have to look at each other, transmit confidence and at the same time demand more. We need to find the formula so that our eyes shine more brightly on the field." He added.

At Rayo Majadahonda, coach Antonio Iriondo was content and admitted that the team had to change its style in order to win at the Riazor, "We had to renounce to our essence, but then we handled it pretty well. The goals are sometimes a matter of fortune, but fortune has to be sought and the result is there.  It's a team with a tremendous history and this will stay forever in the retina of the players.Ē



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