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10 Apr 2019
Natxo González addressed the media on Tuesday after been sacked two days before, he admitted the team is living the worst moment and respect the club’s decisions, but said he was strong enough to revert the situation.

Natxo González was invited to talk to reporters after been sacked on Sunday. He was talking of his feelings, “I'm leaving quiet. I would even say that happy with the learning of this year. I have learned many things that will serve me for the future. I'm not disappointed or frustrated. You cannot say that you haven’t achieved the goal, because we haven’t reached the end. I don’t know what would have happened, but the team is on time for everything. If I'm out, it's because of what the team has transmitted in recent matchdays, hitting bottom on Saturday.”

“I told Carmelo that I was strong and had the ability to straighten this out, but there are things that I cannot control. Surely, I've made bad decisions, but in the end I'm satisfied with the ones I made and that were controllable. In the uncontrollable aspect I haven’t been able to do anything and maybe it's the only thing that I have left there." He added.

The Basque man said that he would have loved more patience, “What am I going to say? I would have loved more patience. In the end you see yourself capable and strong. I insist, knowing that the situation is complicated. But these are decisions that must be taken and that under no circumstances it must be understood as a reproach."

He was thanking the fans for the support, “I appreciate the respect from the fans. I think it's the most important thing at any club. I know it’s a delicate moment, because we have provoked it. They are sensitive to what they are living in recent times, but I would tell them not to leave the team. They’ve always shown good attitude. The other day it was sung that the badge must be respected. Do not doubt that. Precisely respect for the badge is making a dent. It's the opposite. That responsibility for carrying a badge with a great history and such an urgent need... that obligation can often overwhelm you and I think it has surpassed us. And if at some point you have been able to misinterpret something of what I have said, I have already corrected it. I will never try to have problems with the fans. It's the most important thing."

Finally, Natxo was having good words for his successor, "I've already told Carmelo that I thought it was a good choice, I know him from his time at Tenerife and he seems like a great guy, which is good to start with, and in a football sense, without being a coach with many experiences, I think he has the capacity to take a challenge of this height, it is a wise decision from my point of view.”



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