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11 Apr 2019
Goalkeeper Dani Giménez analyzed the factors that caused the exit of Natxo González, he also talked of how Depor must change the curse in the road to promotion.

Dani Giménez talked to reporters before Wednesday’s training as he was named player of March, he was talking of the change of coach, "Many of us have already experienced this in the past. These are not pleasant weeks, because the players are affected too. But after having touched bottom there is a change that generates hope, another mentality in the player. We hope it's for the better, because I'm sure we're on time. He is a new person, with new ideas. It's a breath of fresh air and we have to cling to it. "

Later he was analyzing the reasons for the change, "Maybe we haven’t done a brilliant game throughout the year, beyond two or three games. If we were getting good results, it was for guessing right, a good part... but when you start to lose your doubts get bigger. We were with doubts, lack of confidence... what we are looking for is to bring freshness and four or five basic ideas that we must be constantly repeating. When things go wrong and the players don’t react... the situation is reached due to a poor emotional management of the player. When you want and cannot do things it’s that something has been done wrong. When you get to this situation in which the negative things don’t let you show yourself as a player, then making a change is the only thing that brings something positive. It shouldn’t be like that, but..."

The keeper didn’t agree with Natxo González about the idea that the team is feeling the pressure of carrying with the badge of Depor, "That’s something individual. When analyzing things, it’s possible that this conclusion will be reached. I personally think that it isn’t the case. On the contrary, it has to be something that motivates you to win the matches. Everyone wants to play in the best teams and show that you are here for something. If you're not ready to play in a big team in Segunda... you have to prepare yourself already on a day-to-day basis. More than pressure you have to notice the thrust of history, that badge and the fans. "

He was talking of Natxo González, "His farewell was very honest and correct, as always. He encouraged us and believes that we can achieve the goal. Nobody can reproach him for anything. He is a hard worker, he has made himself and deserves all the credit in the world. It doesn’t mean that the project has gone wrong, he will continue and I am sure that next year he will have a good team."

Finally, Dani Giménez talked of what Depor must do in the last stretch of the season, "We have to be a winning team. You have to do three or four things well, but you have to win. It’s what will take us out of this position and bring us closer to the objective. There are nine games left, you have to win all nine. We must focus on the day to day, on the things we have stopped doing and do them again, not to be afraid. Do things bravely. Without a doubt. We still have 27 points to be played. The same as we have been irregular, the teams above can do the same. It's hard to win, you can feel the tension in your legs."



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