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13 Apr 2019
Depor’s coach debuts trying to recover the self-confidence of the team, the rival caresses the promotion and its coach believes that a victory will meant to secure the playoffs.

José Luis Marti debuts in a complicate way, with a squad having important casualties and facing the leader in the league, but he is optimistic as he expects for a brave Depor. The following is the summery of the things he said during his press conference.

First week in the job: “Everything has been fine. I am content with the disposition of the players, they have a good attitude, evidently with little time to assimilate the ideas, but I am content with the general situation.”

Saúl García out of the roster: “The easiest answer that  I can give is that only eighteen man can enter into the roster. We had two left-backs already and in the end, everyone deserves it, but the coach has the blessing problem of having to choose.”

Dubarbier is on the roster: “I manage the information that I received in these trainings, I saw a lad that’s integrated, with a good dynamic and I believe he will do a good job if he has to jump into the pitch.”

 Carlos Fernández: “I don’t like to cry for not having all the players. In a competition, throughout the 42 matchdays, you need everyone, and the only thing I can do is to count with the players available. Evidently he is an important player for us and hopefully he can help us on next week, but the clear thing is that we have a certain number of players that will help us in this game.”

How to play at Reyno de Navarra? “With the mentality of going out for the game, of been ambitious and trying to be brave. The rival is in a good form, but this is a good challenge as we want to be the first team that can win there. What we want is to show the right level of this squad. We must do everything good in order to win, we need to be protagonist with the ball, because this team was made for that.”

Lack of confidence: “The confidence comes with the results, but what I try to transmit to the players is that they have quality, that they were signed by Deportivo because they are really good, and they will show it since this point. They have the confidence of the coaching staff and I hope to see them with that self-confidence in order to face this challenge. The players need to feel confident again.”

Changes? “You will learn that I’m a coach that gives a high value to the things done in the training that we just had, since that point we have a starting eleven and a B plan for anything that can happen. In that sense anyone can play. About the system, the players should know to adapt, and the important thing is that the players know how the partner will move.”

What Depor will be seen on Saturday? “An ambitious team going out for the victory. “

Osasuna: “I expect for an intense and aggressive Osasuna, a team with a vertical game, with fast players that bring unbalance. They have a solid confidence and we will try to overcome that having the ball and with patience.”

Jagoba Arrasate addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He still believes that Depor is the best squad in the league, but also predicts that his team is better and that a victory will mean to at least secure the playoffs. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Fran Merida: “He has wanted to be ready, but he has problems and we have ruled him out. One less option for tomorrow, he joins Iñigo and David so we have picked the 20 men available.”

How to play without him? “I was waiting for the question. The options are Perea and Roberto Torres. We will analyze the good and the bad of each situation.”

How do you wait for Depor with the change of coach? “I know a little about the idea of Martí and we will see if he can carry it out from the first week. What I have very clear is that the eleven men who will play for Depor are great. It’s the best squad in the tournament. The highest respect to the rival, but knowing that we aren’t the best squad, but the best team. And we have to make it real, of how good we are as a team to be able to stop another who has many virtues.”

Do you consider the casualty Carlos Fernández as very important? “Yes, because he is a differential player for them. But they have a great squad and we have already faced great squads. A good version of Osasuna, along with the help of the public, can make us win the game. That's the idea.”

It must be complicate to study the opponent after the change of coach “It can be. But we have already faced him and more or less I know what he thinks or the idea he has. You will see a match with two teams that want to win, an open match. We have to do well what we are doing well and defensively be better than the other day.”

Everything has changed a lot since the game of the first round: “They surpassed us and it seemed that things were going to go in other directions. But we have evolved. You have to respect the opponent even if it doesn’t come at its best moment.”

Can winning be definitive in the chase of the objective? “I don’t know if it's final, but it will be a very important step. First for the points, because it would bring us closer to the goal and it’s a day to show what we want. We have 64 points, we are ahead of schedule, it's a big game. It is one of those games in which we have to show that we are there for something. Winning tomorrow I think we would close the playoff, but we have to continue adding to reach that score that will give us the prize.”



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