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15 Apr 2019
The coach and the players don’t wan to talk of direct promotion or playoffs, instead they want to focus in improving and winning the next game. They also tried to emphasize the god first part of the team.

José Luis Martí debuted with a defeat, he was commenting the conclusions that he got from the game, “I have the feeling that the players gave everything, that they had the bravery to go out and be better than the rival, but it’s true that the 1-1 came too early, the team had personality, but in the second part the anxiety conditioned us. It’s normal, the players want to score the equalizer as soon as possible, but I believe the attitude was extraordinary.”

He later tried to explain the poor second half of the team, “It’s the anxiety to try to achieve the victory, hurried, we sought for speed and were too precipitated, and it was then that Osasuna made us suffer. We only had three chances in the final part and it’s true that it was harder. I am convinced that, with the will showed by the players and their quality, they will be ready to add the next three points. I am convinced that we will change the dynamic.”

The Canarian coach is convinced that Depor are closer to win showing the level of the first half, “I am only satisfied with the victory, but we are closer to win with this attitude from the players. We were fine and only conceded the goal of the tie and then the chance in a set-pieces. This is the path the follow and from there we will see.”

Martí also said that he isn’t worried for the situation at the standings, “We have a final goal, but you achieve that goal game by game, for now the goal is to achieve the victory on next Sunday and will try to fight. Any team can defeat anyone and the only thing in our minds is to win the next game.”

Pablo Mari was talking of a little step forward made by Depor, “The feelings are bad, because we didn’t achieve the expected results. We were fine at the start, and in the end they scored the tie in a situation that we cannot afford. But I believe we gave a little step forward in terms of attitude, we missed three important point and that’s it.”

“We are missing the victory in order to change the dynamic, and we hope it can be this week with our people. The team gave a step forward in the attempt to change the situation and it wasn’t possible today, but with this will we will surely achieve the victory in the next game.” The centre-back added.

Quique González was also commenting the match “We wanted the three points, we were fine at the start, but they are in a positive dynamic and we can only stand up and fight until the last point. We are screwed because we wanted to win, and since tomorrow we have to stand up and fight, to death in the next game and nothing more.”

The striker didn’t want to talk if Depor are no longer thinking of direct promotion, “We can only see towards the next game, forget about direct promotion or playoff. The important thing is the next game and win, there isn’t any other thought inside the team.”

At CA Osasuna, Jagoba Arrasate was commenting the game, "It was a round afternoon where you win and the results are good, you have to value the rival we had in front of you, we have been better after the equalizer, we have it closer, but we have to continue. I loved the second half. Only one mistake, the changes have improved us and we have ended up suffering for the result, but not for what we had in front of us, to enjoy it. It is a very hearty victory.”



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