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17 Apr 2019
Captain Álex Bergantiños said on Tuesday that the players knew since the start that it was going to be a difficult season, also that the team needs to find the path of the victory again in order to recover the sensations.

Álex Bergantiños addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon, the captain was talking of the situation inside the team after been pulled out of the playoff zone, "It's a difficult time, we are not in the positions we would like, it's the worst part of the season, we need to feel the taste of the victory again and as soon as possible, and in the end, what matters in football is winning and we've been away of that for a long time. When you are in a negative dynamic you need that victory, regardless of how the game is.”

Then the midfielder remembered that everyone at the team should have expected for tough moments and for the tensioned lived at this point, ."Everyone who came here knew of the demand that was going to be found all season long, the obligation to get the promotion, and most players were aware of what this league is, among the most equal ones in the world.”

“We knew about that difficulty, we had the hope to be better at this point, but it was a scenario that could happen If we want to compete at Primera and achieve the objectives, then we have to live these moments and respond to them. we have to prove it on the field, if we are able to compete at this level.” He added.

Álex also said that the team should stay focused in winning the next game and forget about the situation at the standings, "There is little time left and we have to add up, we are now out of everything, doing numbers or thinking about the long-term goals is harmful, we have to think exclusively about Sunday's game and prepare it well. We could overcome this moment thinking exclusively on Sunday, we need to feel again the feeling of winning, that's what we need the most right now.”

Still, he was commenting the situation in the race for the playoffs, “We are all together in a group of chasers. The first two places are getting far and each day there’s less time. The fight for the playoff is a matter of eight or ten teams.”

Finally, Bergantiños was commenting what happened against Osasuna, "When you start a game well and with two long balls they have a hundred percent success, then the game changes. They felt much more comfortable locked at the back making the match that suited them and we didn’t know how to hurt them. Efficiency is sometimes motivated by moods. You have to try to be strong mentally, we have to be prepared for bad times like what’s happening now.”



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