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18 Apr 2019
Fabril have suffered the relegation to Tercera División with five matchdays still to be played. The disastrous campaign has many explanations. The following is a list of seven factors that led to an infamous campaign.

Seven factors that provoked the disastrous season of Fabril:

1- Choosing the coaches: Albert Gil is the current coordinator of the academy; his job was to search for a substitute to Munúa at the start of the season. According to La Voz De Galicia he had already decided to follow the pattern of Cristóbal Parralo and sign a coach from outside of Galicia, but at the last moment the board of directors requested that it should be someone from the region, apparently they didn’t like the criticism for not getting someone from the inside (Parralo was unfairly criticized for been Catalan) and also for choosing Munúa on last season, who still investigated for a match-fixing scandal that affected the club.

That’s why Tito Ramallo was signed just three weeks before launching the pre-season. He had a large experience in the league and a decade coaching the B team in the past, but that wasn’t enough to extend his continuity beyond matchday 9. Gil returned to the initial plan and decided to hire someone from the outside and the chosen one was Sergio Pellicer, who neither changed the picture and he was fired after 14 games. Then, when everything was chaotic, Carmelo del Pozo took charge of the B squad and decided to hire Luisito, who arrived when the team was already dead.

The procedure to hire the coaches was wrong at all levels, firstly the board shouldn’t have forced to hire Ramallo when the ones directing the academy had other plans, later Albert Gil failed choosing a replacement and, after losing the confidence of the board, the third change was made by Del Pozo himself and at that point it was simple too late. Albert Gil is ending his link with the club at the end of the season and the club won’t renew it, instead a reshuffle at the academy is expected.

2- A weird summer window: Albert Gil made the signings during the summer and the key factor is that they arrived too late. Ramallo started the pre-season and used 41 players during the friendly games (mainly ‘trialists’ and Juvenile players), only to go into competition with a very different team as the signings arrived in the last week. Actually, Juanje and Jonathan Montiel arrived on deadline day and were available until matchday 3. Montiel is the best player on the season, but he missed the first two games because the club lasted too much in completing the squad.

3- A weirdest winter window: If the moves on the summer were strange for taking place late, what happened in the winter market was beyond madness. The team was already at the bottom of the standings and both president Tino Fernández and sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo promised ‘several signings’ to correct the curse, but in the end Albert Gil only made four: Carlos Ramírez 'Leto', Juanmi Carrión, Ignacio Abeledo and Arturo Segado. And the four of them came under the request of Pellicer, who was fired only three days after the closure of the winter window. So, Luisito found a team built up by someone else and it isn’t strange that he only relied in one winter singing since then (Abeledo).

4- Bad level of the signings: Truly the summer signings arrive late and the winter reinforcements landed without consulting first if the second coach of the season was going to continue, but in the end all of them had a chance and they wasted it. It is here where the biggest failure of Albert Gil appears, because the team lost important players like Caballo, Edu Expósito, Romay and Borja Galán and ended signing lads with a very inferior level, some of them coming from outside Spain like Uruguayan Guillermo May or French Sébastien Salles-Lamonge. The only signings that made an impact at the team were Jonathan Montiel and Ignacio Abeledo. It has been one of the major things criticized by the fans, because the club preferred to open a gap for these players instead of continue with the evolution of lads coming from above like the cases of Sergio Ortuño or Pedro Correia, both lads were loaned out during the winter window after not having too many minutes.

5- Tactics all over the place: The three coaches had on the season are also to blame for the disaster, because their tactical planning was questionable and never brought results. Tito Ramallo, surrounded by doubts as the signings arrived late, decided to start the season playing with a line of five defenders, and after two matchdays he abruptly passed into a 4-2-3-1. The result was to only add 4 points in 9 games, later Pellicer tried to copy the 4-3-1-2 of the first team, but without the needed players for it he decided to return to the 4-2-3-1, he even played with three centre-backs in specific moments, in the end the team only made 10 points in 14 matchdays . Then Luisito was signed more for been a motivational coach rather than a tactician, but that enthusiasm was only saw in his first game (2-0 win over Burgos) and later spend 9 games without winning.

6- Passive approach by the board of directors: The board of directors are not only to blame for the initial push to sign Ramallo, but also for not previewing the disaster. And it’s that the current scheme of the academy is the same one of the years with Lendoiro and it never worked. Fabril always struggle to achieve the promotion from Tercera and, when they did it, then the team always lasted only one or two seasons at Segunda B. The board was blinded by the unusual success on last season and didn’t make a move, also motivated by the struggles of a first team that was also affected by a demotion.

7- Not the same chemistry inside the squad: Last season’s success was related to the fact that Fabril was like a bunch of friends playing football, a special relation was born and it was like a family, something that Uxio Da Pena named “Fabrilia” (combination of the words Fabril and family). But that feeling ended with the exit of players like Romay, Pinchi and Caballo. This season the situation wasn’t problematic inside the changing room, but the true is that the lads missed that communion to carry with the burden of been in relegation almost the entire campaign.

There were a couple of situations that called the attention though, like the punishment over Mujaid Sadick for his indiscipline, a centre-back that Seedorf had as a starter with the first team ad that ended playing for Juvenil A after upsetting the first two coaches, it was until the arrival of Luisito that he has returned to compete at Segunda B. Also, some heavy weights leave the team in the middle of the competition, Blas Alonso was pushed by the back door and ended at Unionistas on deadline day of the winter window, while captain Quique Fornos abruptly left the club this week, after a decade at Deportivo he resigned just one day after the relegation was confirmed and will end the season at Racing Ferrol, a weird move that crowns an infamous season.



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