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23 Apr 2019
A new coach that makes the same mistakes of the previous one, a team lacking spirit that already infected Dani Giménez, the best player on the season until this point.

The six notes from the game Vs. Extremadura UD

1- Unexplained decisions at the starting lineup It wasn’t clear if Martí wanted to play with a 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 formation, what’s clear is that he tried to play with a team damaging by the sides, precisely the weak point of Extremadura UD. The mystery is why he decided to do this using two midfielders on the wings, because neither Edu Expósito nor Pedro Sánchez are factors when both men play attached to the wings. The result was to make things easier for the visiting team in the first half as both men ended pulling themselves into the centre. Without depth on the sides, Depor turned to be a predictable team easy to contain by the centre. This is one of the mistakes committed by Natxo González that caused his destitution, now his replacement debuted at home making the same mistakes.

2- Correction at half-time: Martí switched things at half-time, he removed Martí and pulled Expósito to midfield, while Christian Santos joined Quique González in attack, the result was to see a more dynamic game, but just when Expósito was starting to find the space, the second goal arrived and the picture was over.

3- The reality of the winter signings: Second big chance for Vitor Silva and second time that he blew up. Against Rayo Majadahonda, he entered in the second time in order to save the team, but just made things worse and the game ended with the destitution of Natxo González. Now he was a starter for the first time and ended replaced at half-time after only completing 14 passes.

It’s the reality of the winter signings at Deportivo, because neither him nor Iñigo López nor Nahuel Leiva are factors in a team that’s imploding, just when teams like Cádiz CF or Sporting Gijón are improving thanks to their winter signings.

4- Bad luck: Depor can be criticized for its poor game, but it must also be recognized that it has missed good luck throughout the season. In this game the tie was about to come when Bastos deflected the ball before the arrival of Didier Moreno and it hit the post and went out, and in the next play the second goal of Extremadura CF arrived after a distraction of Dani Giménez. From a 1-1 situation that could have changed the game into a 0-2 that sealed the disaster.

4- Bad day at the office for Dani Giménez First error that led to a goal committed by Dani Giménez on the season. It could be interpreted as a punctual thing, but the true is that Depor have lost the last three games allowing 6 goals after receiving 12 shots on target. As it happened last season, the keeper is not blocking the shots anymore. A player that can be considered as the best on the season has been touched by the bad dynamic that’s hitting Deportivo.

5- Lack of spirit: Perhaps the most alarming thing of the current Deportivo is that it gives the impression of been a soulless team, a team that goes down at the minimal adversity. It was saw against Rayo Majadahonda in the second half with the 0-2 in the scoresheet, and now it happened again. At minute 73, Extremadura’s players started to make short passes at midfield with Depor’s players just looking at them, it infuriated a public that this time was more passive that in previous games, but that didn’t stand the humiliation, the situation only ended because Pedro Mosquera committed a foul.

6- Three straight losses: Deportivo have now lost three straight games at Segunda División, it’s the first time that this happens since the season 1989/90. At the time the Galicians chained straight losses against Athletic B (0-1), SD Eibar (0-1) and UD Salamanca (0-2).



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