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23 Apr 2019
The latest defeat in liga leaves more questions than answers. The coach insisted that the players need to keep believing, while Dani Giménez recognized his error.

José Lui Martí was trying to explain the new defeat, “This is sad for everyone, because Deportivo haven’t won. On here only the victory matters, we are Deportivo and we want to win, and it’s sad for everyone. Evidently the game wasn’t the one we expected, we were too slow moving the ball and trying to find the space, later we were unable to change the pace. We created opportunities, but didn’t have the aim to win the game.”

He didn’t want to admit the idea that the players are already giving up, “It cannot be difficult. It’s a matter of a daily work and I’m the head to do it. I see myself capacitated for the job because the players demonstrate it, they are the first ones that wanted to add the three points. It wasn’t possible today and since now to work hard again in order to add the three points on Friday.”

Later the Majorcan man tried to explain why he opted in making changes at the starting lineup, “What we wanted is to have the ball and then seize the ability to find depth on the sides, because we have people for it. We have people that can do it like Edu [Expósito] and Vitor [Silva], players to have the ball and try to create scoring opportunities. Truly we faced a rival that played a lot through set-pieces and later it was difficult as we were finding a team that was well placed. Still, we had chances in the first half to have scored a goal.”

About the modifications made in the second part, he explained that, “With Pedro [Mosquera] we wanted more control at midfield, because we saw that the player that was there was too alone with the passage of time, and later the unbalance with Fede [Cartabia] and to have one more player inside the area with Christian [Santos].”

He insisted that Deportivo cannot surrender in the last stretch of liga, “During this week the players demonstrated their potential, but we need to win. This game hurts and it’s a burden, but we need to fix the errors and try to search for alternatives. We were imprecise, because we wanted to be precise, the players tried to secure the pass too much and that’s why we were too slow. We need to fix this in the trainings.”

Finally, Martí was trying to transmit a message of hope to the fans, “I transmit to them what I see in the trainings: we won’t surrender, the contrary, we need to ask more from ourselves. We have to reach Friday in the best possible way and win again, so we can be hooked in the position that we deserve. We are here to make the players realize that a lot of games remain. I am convinced that the insistence will bring the victories.”

Dani Giménez committed a huge error that cost a goal, but the keeper wanted to face the media, “Tough day…  a difficult game and a personal performance without too much work, but with an error that thank God doesn’t happen to often, but that leave you hurt. I always say it: I feel supported on here and, at this height of my career, I cannot be nervous for an error, and you need to give the example to the rest of the team, it’s what have made me reach this point. It’s a pity that this thing happened now and now when the team had a big advantage.”

Later, he was trying to explain what’s happening to Deportivo, “I don’t know what happens to the team, maybe we need situations like the second goal of Extremadura, that you score when you aren’t playing well or don’t deserve it. Something to help and gain confidence. We also have good people to pass the ball, but you don’t notice it.  There are many causes, the individual performance isn’t good and now we need to demonstrate that it won’t affect you. Until we don’t realize that every game is different we won’t change the course.  The rivals see that you go down if you aren’t at the top since the start, we need to be strong as a team. This is what we deserve, the dynamic brings sensations. We had other expectations at the start of the season and must realize that the value of the players is seen now after the errors. This is a good group, but maybe we need to make a step forward and search for leadership inside of us.”

Christian Santos wasn’t feeling content despite scoring a goal, “The only good news would have been to have added the three points, but we need to clean the head and move forward. We are in a difficult position and aren’t winning games. We need to remain calm and be together, more than ever before. “

He admitted that the team has lost confidence, “When thing work out you are open to try more things, but you, as a professional, need a cool head for it. We can only think of adding the three points on next game. We’ve seven more games and we need to try and win them.”

Borja Valle talked on Monday and tried to explain why Depor aren’t winning, “It happens that we aren’t winning. We have a dynamic in which the results aren’t arriving despite what you work throughout the week. You don’t need to dissect every game. It’s a negative dynamic in which you cannot find anything positive. We need to win and is already an obligation. It was already three games ago and now it’s more urgent. It’s an obligation.”

At Extremadura UD, coach Manu Mosquera was proud of his team, "Every day the team surpasses itself, the bigger the challenge, the players grow up, today it was even better than the other day [in Malaga], since minute 1 we have been superior. Depor have played little, the players are together with me, with my coaching staff. The personality, the confidence, the belief that everything can be done. That's what my players do. They are also very aggressive. They have been in the opposite field almost the whole game.” 




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