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26 Apr 2019
Depor’s coach searches for his first points with the team, surrounded by doubts, but conscious that the only way to change things is by winning. Numancia’s coach cannot find a pattern to explain why his team allows so many late goals.

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Thursday’s noon, he was constantly asked about the situation with the board, but preferred to focus in other subjects. The following is the summary of the things he said.

Nineteen men on the roster: “We will make exercises tomorrow before the game and I like to be cautious. From that point, there are players with issues that have joined the group lately and the best is to prevent.”

Massive changes at the roster: “As you analyze the game you are going to meet, then you make decisions about the players. I am also having more knowledge of the players that are here, beyond the fact that I already knew them.”

Saúl García: “According to the game, we decided that he is one of the players that can help us, either from the start or from the bench. He has been training at the top and it turned out that he had the chance to be on the roster, just like the rest of players.”

What to expect from Numancia: “We are waiting for a disputed game in terms of ball possession, these are two of the teams with more ball possession in the league. Numancia play through this, been brave and risking the ball, so we need to be ordered, to not allow them to move the ball and to be capable of having more possession, and from that possession to have scoring opportunities, which will lead us to win the game.”

The exit of Tino Fernández: “The only thing that matters to me is my job, and my job is to establish an identity and to define what we will meet in every game. We keep working and nothing changes for us. These players are professionals, they came every morning willing to make the exercises, and the group has been 100% ready.”

Are you surprised that he announced his exit? “I have been 24 years in the world of football. I am highly involved in my job and my demand is to win games.”

Message to the fans after the last defeats: “The only effective message that we can send is to win, it’s what we all want. We know that we depend on ourselves as we have direct meetings in the coming weeks, the situation is complicated for everyone, but our philosophy is to add the three points and move forward, because we believe in ourselves.”

Better to play outside the Riazor? “No. It’s the calendar, it is what it is and we would love to play in front of our fans, because we know that, as soon as we win, the public will connect with the players, and surely things are going to be better, but everything passes through winning.”

Carlos Fernández: “He has trained at the top all week long, at some point he was working apart, but if he is on the roster then he’s ready to participate.”

Aritz López Garai addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He is expecting for a Deportivo coming out for the game and also analyzed the high number of goals allowed in the last minutes of the matches. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Situation in liga: “The final is approaching and everybody is fighting for their goals, the first places to get the promotion, and the ones above to avoid the problems. We are there. Tomorrow we have a good game, against a good rival in front of our fans and let’s see if we can add the points that can help us move towards the goal.”

Mental state of the squad: “The squad, or at least me, had in mind to make a better second round of what we are doing so far, but in the end, for many reasons, we are finding a situation that we didn’t think it was possible, now we need to try to add the highest number of points. We are above the danger, but were expecting to be higher.”

Changes at the lineup? “We have one more training session tomorrow and I have to wait as we have a couple of players that trained today for the first time on the week, so for now the only forced change is Unai [Medina] and Juan Carlos. The rest depends of tomorrow. Derik [Osede] and Pape [Diamanka] are doubtful, but could be available. I am optimistic, but won’t know until tomorrow.”

Drama in the game: “Surely they [Deportivo] expected to be higher and aren’t there, and we also expected to be higher and neither are there. Since that point it’s a game in which we have to demonstrate things, you need to be brave in these kinds of games. Both sides are hurried by the goals.”

Conceding goals within the last minutes: “We have suffered blows allowing late goals in the last two games, but tomorrow we must think that’s a new game, a big game as Deportivo comes, and that’s news. But we play at home and it must be noticed. The world falls in you when you allow so many goals after minute 90, you think about it and analyze if there’s a pattern, but it happened in a corner against Oviedo, in a counterattack against Lugo, the other day a solo-play of Machís, against Osasuna in a free-kick in which we failed in the secondary play, against Reus in a rebound. You analyze the goals and you cannot find a pattern. It happened a lot of times and the world falls on you.”

Reunion with the board: “Yes they came during the week and they said that we have made a lot of good things, but that also we were penalized by errors, and that we must stay together, because we can move forward. I am convinced about it.”

Deportivo: “There aren’t fine but they have players that win games with four  sparkles. They have players to do it, but it depends if we allow them to do things. They need to win and they will play as a big team, they are going out for the game, I don’t think they will come here to hold on and we need to be ready to bear the pressure. I expect for a game with alternatives, we have the ability to make them suffer.”

Debut for keeper Gaizka Campos: “You can control when you are going to debut. What I told him is that he needs to do what he does in the trainings. A lot of thing can happen, but the lad is ready. He cannot think of the consequences, he just needs to go out and play.”



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