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28 Apr 2019
There was happiness, but also prudence after Deportivo returned to wining ways. The players feel relived, but are also aware that it isn’t over yet.

José Luis Martí was commenting the game and the suffering within the last minutes, “We are aware how the competition is. Any team can score twice until minute 90, even within the added time. No matter we were playing with one less man, but we suffered with the expulsion. But we know how to suffer and that's the important thing, to know how to adapt to the circumstances. I think the work done is something to be praised, because it was a brave team. We are content for adding the three points.”

Later the new coach at Depor was dedicating the victory to Tino Fernández, “Throughout the week the players, and me too, were conscious about it and we dedicate the victory to Tino Fernández. The players wanted to dedicate the game to the president, for his dedication and it must be praised.”

Asked about the fact that Deportivo finally scored in set-pieces, the comment was, “We had the chance to score more goals, the 0-3, and we knew the rival had scored many goals in set-pieces, but it also conceded a lot of goals in set-pieces, a fact worked throughout the week. But the goals came for been aggressive, the team showed personality at all moments and we are proud, but starting tomorrow we have to think of Zaragoza, knowing that we only did what we should."

Then the Majorcan coach explained the plan for the game, "We were fine at the start of the games, that talks a lot about the intentions of the team. The plan in this game was to have the ball possession and later avoid their transitions, especially knowing that they put a lot of players in front of the ball. Then to be vertical and score goals. Today it worked out, the aim that we missed in the last game was now here and we must be content."

Finally, Martí tried to avoid the issue of the referees after the polemic red card saw by Somma, “It's hard to be a referee. Sometimes you are mad watching from the sides, but after 42 matchdays you get what you deserve."

Borja Valle said the team is feeling relieved with the result, “We suffered a lot, we spent more than a month living a bad moment and today we are feeling relieved by winning, we deserved it.  The expulsion and the goal of Numancia made us realize that we can be strong.”

Eneko Bóveda tried to be prudent and said the team still has to improve, “A team will not pass from been at the bottom to give a spectacle, but we must do everything we can. We are conscious that the season is twisted, and as long the numbers say so, we must be counting the victories and not talk too much. We must keep fixing and reinforcing what was done well today.” 

At CD Numancia, coach Aritz López Garai was feeling sorry for the poor start of his team, "The changing room and we all are having a bad and negative feeling. Losing always leaves you with that flavor, but without options and with such a bad start... if you don’t have the chance to compete the game then you haven’t been ready to leave a complicate situation. What you cannot do is start a game so cold with everything that’s at stake, you can lose but in a different way, in the first goal the rival easily penetrates the defense ... Going back from a 0-2 isn’t easy for anyone. "




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