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02 May 2019
The changes at the board of directors will arrive sooner than expected, the club announced that the elections are taking place at the end of the month. There’s already one candidate.

Just one week ago president Tino Fernández shocked the Deportivismo announcing that he and his board of directors are leaving the club, and just a few days later the club announced that the shareholders meeting in which the president and the board will present their resignation is taking place on May 27/28.

In that same meeting the shareholders will also name the new board of directors. So far only one person has publicly announced that he will run for president of Deportivo: Jesús Martínez Loira. He is 48 and was involved with Deportivo at the end of last century as the club launched the website canaldeportivo.

He later sold merchandise of the club through the webstore Ekipos. He is involved with tech companies in A Coruña (He is an investor at Altia together with Tino Fernández) and works for the city hall of the city. During this week Loira opened the website “La Blanquiazul” in order to transmit his message and on Thursday will offer his first press conference.

A second candidate could be a familiar face: Fernando Vidal. The former sporting advisor of Tino Fernández left the club on last year, and now he has been tempted to return as the president. He is a shareholder of the club and hasn’t announced anything yet, but it’s known that he has had meeting with Tino Fernández and with former president August César Lendoiro.

A third name was mentioned as a possible candidate: Paco Zas, who was already a candidate when the exit of Lendoiro occurred. But at the beginning of this week he announced that he won’t take part of the new process.

This after giving an interview to La Voz de Galicia, “It’s no secret that my heart has been telling me for a long time the way to the Plaza de Pontevedra. In fact, five years ago I took the step and then I had to retire for personal reasons. Now, I have considered the possibility again, but my professional obligations make the adventure incompatible. I think that the president of Deportivo has to dedicate many hours to the club, possibly more than my work commitments would allow me. I will follow the process with interest as one more Deportivista and I trust that, on the 28th, Deportivo will have a great president who will be the head of the entity for many years. It will be a good sign. "



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