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03 May 2019
The first candidate that has presented his plan is Martínez Loira, he wants to fix the conflict between Lendoiro and Tino Fernández, and promises a project based in base football and in improving the results.

Jesús Martinez Loira presented on Thursday his candidacy to become the new president of Deportivo. He started explained why he decided to run for the presidency, "The decision of the Council was surprising, I was aware of it one hour before the Council met, leaving me sad, because I think that work was being done on extraordinary basis. I wasn’t expecting for that. Then I contrasted it with family and friends and decided that it was necessary to take a step forward like the one we are giving, extraordinary circumstances arise and I am referring to the fracture in the social mass of Deportivismo and the time has come to fix it."

Later he explained the basics of his plan, "There are three ideas in which I would like to influence, we want it to be a union candidacy, that allows the inclusion of all the Deportivismo into a flag of union, a candidacy for football. That Deportivo returns to get hooked with modest football and the lower leagues referred to Galicia... And then, of course, maintain economic and organizational rigor, launching projects that are underway, including "Por ti Deportivo", a validity of five years and all the good things that are done to be pushed again and we have to correct two things: the results aren’t coming and to fix things. The three ideas are football, union and economic rigor.”


1- Union between two fronts: Loira is promising to end the internal “war” between the people that support Tino Fernández and Augusto César Lendoiro. He said that next week he will have a meeting with each one and that will hear both men at the moment of making decisions. He insisted that Deportivo need to take advantage of the experience of Lendoiro and the knowledge of Tino Fernández.

2- A board with eight persons: His idea is to have eight men in the board of directors, he said that six are already fixed ad that will present the names on next week. He also said that the number of members can be increased in the future as he wants to improve the professionalization of the club.

3- Better gesture of the social aspects: Loira believes the club has managed incorrectly some aspects like the death of Jimmy. He is promising to fix the relation of the club with the public. He also mentioned that there will be delegates with the special mission of hearing the suggestions from the public. He also mentioned that his candidacy has opened a website (La and a Twitter account in order to hear the fans.

4- A club based in local football: Loira insisted in his presentation that Deportivo need to have a bigger presence in local football. He suggested that the major part of the coaches in base football should be from A Coruña and Galicia, and that the club must have a bigger role in the academy and minor leagues.

5- Results and economic rigor: He recognizes that Tino Fernández has been doing a good job in financial aspects and promises to continue with the economic rigor, and at the same time he says that Deportivo need to have better results on the fields. He refused to say if he is planning to continue relying in Carmelo Del Pozo, he said that the club is in competition and that it’s a subject that should be informed when the season ends.

6- Advisors named by the main sponsors: Loira said that two of his advisors will be named by ABANCA and Estrella Galicia, the biggest sponsors of the club.

7- Blanquiazul senate and honor board: Loira said that the socios fulfilling 25 and 50 years with the club will compose a senate that will bring ideas for the future of the club. He also suggested an honor board composed by former presidents and advisors.

8- Return to Primera:Loira said that the main sporting objective is to return to Primera. He later said that the club also needs stability and that his plan is to improve the sporting structure of the club, which means to have more and better professionals working for the club.

9- The goal of Deportivo Fabril: Loria said that the goal of Fabril cannot be to reach Segunda División, instead the goal should be to have a defined model and to fix goals for three years.

10- Female football: Loira says that the club must try to reinforce the bet in the female section and to continue promoting the team in Galicia.

11- Modernize the rules of the club: Loira said that the ruling inside the club is from the 1990’s and that need to be modernized. He said it’s an issue that should be managed by the lawyers.

12- The museum: Loira wants to continue with the plans of Tino Fernández and inaugurate as soon as possible the museum that’s currently under the supervision of a foundation. 




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