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06 May 2019
Underserved, but Deportivo managed to add back-to-back wins for the third time on the season. Martí has found a draw and in two of his four games a substitute has scored a goal.

The six notes from the game at Real Zaragoza:

1- Underserved: Few times on this season Depor can presume of adding the three points despite the rival deserved more, but it happened on this game. Deportivo was a serious team with some problems passing the ball, but it was flat in attack, to the point of winning despite not earning any corner-kick and only completing one shot on target. The curious thing is that the something similar happened in the first round game, at the time Deportivo also added the three points in a 3-1 result in which the Aragonians also deserved more.

2- Settling in a 4-4-2 scheme: José Luis Martí has found a scheme after only four games at the club. The players feel comfortable with the 4-4-2 despite it’s a scheme that needs wingers, but so far the Majorcan coach is playing with Cartabia and Borja Valle there, the duo isn’t having their best moment, but the contribution of Quique González and Carlos Fernández at the centre has been enough to pull up with the offensive responsibility.

3- The couple Bergantiños-Edu Expósito: Martí has also found his duo at midfield. Natxo González was always rotating in this position, but the new boss only needed three games to find the right combination. Álex Bergantiños is the defensive component in this couple, though in this game he completed more passes (46) than his partner (44).  Edu Expósito had problems to adapt in the first half, but in the second he was the guide of the team and the one that provide the assist for the goal.

4- The changes are finally working: After months in which the changes didn’t work at Deportivo, this time the modifications are finally having an impact in the scoresheet of Deportivo. Pedro Sánchez replaced an exhausted Carlos Fernández and only four minutes later he was scoring the winning goal. It’s the second time with Martí on board that a substitute comes out from the bench and scores a goal, it also happened in the 1-2 loss of Depor against Extremadura UD as Christian Santos entered at half-time to end scoring at the last minute.

5- Saved by Dani Giménez: Again Dani Giménez is important to see Deportivo adding points. He made four saves in the game, two of them in a key moment of the encounter (71’), because the Galicians were suffering at that point and only seven minutes later Pedro Sánchez was scoring the winning goal.

6- Back-to-back wins for Deportivo: This is only the third time on the season with Deportivo winning consecutive games. It happened in September with Depor defeating Granada CF (2-1) and Gimnástic (1-3). And later in January with the wins over Albacete (2-0) and Sporting Gijón (1-2). Depor don’t chain three straight wins in a league competition since April of 2014, at the time the Galicians were at Segunda and chained the victories against Castilla (0-2), Recreativo (2-0) and Mallorca (0-3).



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