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08 May 2019
Goalkeeper Dani Giménez admitted that Depor haven’t ben playing good football and that the team still has doubts playing at the Riazor, but he still believes that its possible to reach the first two places.

Dani Giménez talked to reporters before Tuesday’s training, he is afraid that Depor cannot match the needed level at the Riazor, "What worries me is that I don’t know if the team is prepared to win at the Riazor matches like the ones we won in Soria and Zaragoza. We know that the game has not been fluid, but that's how the games are won. I have seen the games of this matchday, and you can see that the people who played happily now do not do it so much anymore. It’s complicated to even create chances. We are playing playoff games already, a mistake and you see the season truncated. Now teams play worse, but compete better. I'm worried that the team isn’t ready to win at the Riazor. We won’t pass over the rival just for bene playing at home. I appeal to that mentality and competitiveness.”

The keeper was explaining what the fans want to see in the upcoming game against Cádiz CF, "All the fans are judging on the results, what they want for their team is to win. While you are winning everything is forgiven, but if you don’t get results and don’t play well... you show frustration and it’s normal that you don’t go out and give a cry of support. These are things that we understand, as we understand that it’s important for people to see that we are going for the game. Those doubts haven’t allowed us to show it. What the fan has to see is that Depor are working. That they see that the team is reaching the area, completing shots on goal, that cuts the counterattacks with fouls... it’s necessary that the team engages the fans.”

He is aware that, despite the recent victories, Depor must keep improving, "The system doesn’t fail, we fail. In recent months we don’t play good football in the sense of combining, creating chances... in these away games we are a little more defensive and with few chances we have managed to win. Everything has to help. We have the capacity to combine much more, to make a higher pressure... but for not winning individual duels, not having confidence... it’s penalizing us.”

The Vigo-born keeper was also talking of Cádiz CF, "It may seem like a game in which you carry the weight, that you control it, but they play at that too. It’s important to have a defined style of play. You know they are feeling comfortable even if they are being dominated. But you also have chances. You have to keep in mind that at any moment you can score. It’s important to know what we are facing. Possibly they will let us play, but once they steal the ball then they will be vertical. You have to make a high pressure and win in the secondary plays."

"The goal is still the promotion, but we have to focus on Cádiz. If we don’t win, the options for direct promotion will disappear, although I think it’s already complicated. I think we can win every game, but it's hard that the other teams will fail. The energy should be focused in Cádiz, which is not a definitive match, but it can mark what Depor can achieve. If we win, we will engage people and we will believe in ourselves again. If we don’t take that step, then we'll end up with doubts." Giménez ended.



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