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11 May 2019
The second candidate to become the president of Deportivo that has presented a plan is Cascallar. He presented a project called “The future… is coming” based in five points, the main one is to base the first team in the academy.

Manuel López Cascallar is the second candidate that presents his project ahead of the elections at Deportivo. He is a 41-year-old man that manages an outsourcing company in A Coruńa and that already tried to be the president of the club. To mention that, currently, he doesn’t have 500 shares supporting him, reason why he was unable to present the project in the press room of Abegondo, but instead made it in a hotel in the city (he only has 60 shares supporting him).

He told reporters that he is running for the presidency due to his passion for the club and presented the names of the three advisors that are joining him: Dwight Lindstrom, Carlos López Cascallar and Óscar Naveiras. None of the have experience in the world of football.

The presented plan has been named “The future… is coming” and consists in five points:

1- A full Riazor: A series of proposals in order to maximize the attendance to the stadium and improve the service to the public. He talked of an “NBA model” in which an attendant can request for a hamburger only using an application on the phone. Cascallar is also proposing to reduce the price for the socios in 50% and to keep the tariffs for five years. Another proposal is to have yearly subscriptions for families and the possibility that a socio can lend the membership card so another person can attend to the stadium.

2- Prizes for the people of Deportivo: Rewards for the fans and socios of Deportivo. Cascallar didn’t specify any measure, only that the public will have the option to travel together with the first team for the away games.

3- We count on you: Cascallar announced that Deportivo will have a website called “O Depor Somos Nos” in which the club will present information to the public. He didn’t clarify if this will be a second website running together with the current website rcdeprtivo.es

4- The future as the present: Cascallar announced that the base of the sporting project will be the academy teams. He told reporters that he will rise the budget of the academy in 15% and that, in a frame of five years, the project should be among the top-six academies in Spain, and that the way to measure it will be the number of promoted players to the first team, the number of international players and the amount collected with transfers of academy players.  However, he didn’t announce anything regarding the name of the person that will run the sporting director of the club and neither the role of coordinator of the academy, he only mentioned that his candidacy has talked to Donato in order to become the link between the sporting direction and the first team. He also talked of improving the contracts of the female players.

5- New paragraph: Cascallar promises dialogue and to make decisions regarding issues that that worrying the fans. As example he announced that the players’ contracts and the deals signed with the banks and the Spanish Treasury will be now public. Currently Tino Fernández has been criticized by a large base of the fans for not making public these issues Cascallar also announced that, as the major part of the peńas want, the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, will be declared as a “not wanted person” at the Riazor. 




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