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12 May 2019
Both coaches warned about the potential of the rival. Depor’s coach wants to see an aggressive team, while Cádiz’s manager believes his side will suffer at the Riazor.

José Lui Martí addressed the media on Saturday’s morning. He remains with the philosophy of not been concern of the situation at the standings and only to focus in the next game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Twenty men on the roster: “There are people dragging knocks and they aren’t totally fit. I want to see how they are tomorrow in the morning in case there’s a problem.”

Importance of the game: "The margin of error that we have is getting smaller and smaller and it’s an important game, because we play against a direct rival, and if we add then we avoid them doing it too”

Arriving after straight victories: "The victories reinforce positively, but the past no longer concerns us. We have done a great job throughout the week and we want to win. If it's in our stadium and with our people, the better. "

Importance of the public: "It’s very important for us to be carried away when the forces fail. That communion is needed and the team arrives with that spark needed to face the final stage of the tournament."

Cádiz: "It’s a team with great power in strategic actions and they have a great specialist, so it’s important to avoid committing fouls in areas where Aketxe feels comfortable at the moment of shooting. We must also be careful with the losses and be very vigilant in the surveillance of wingers like Machis. It’s important that we finish our plays. I'm not surprised to see Cadiz up there, because within the last three years they have already been fighting. They have a very clear philosophy and the results are there. "

How to face the game: “The mentality of the team has to be that of being brave, aggressive, looking for the rival goal playing against a team that defends well and that attacks better. With fast transitions, so that precipitation has to be handled. I believe that the team arrives very well, trusting, knowing that they are very good footballers, that they need to show the same things they demonstrate to me on a daily basis. "

Granada’s win on Friday made direct promotion almost impossible: "It's not a disappointment and we can only focus on what's ours. We have to think only about Cádiz and win."

Álvaro Cervera addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He described the game as key for the promotion and warned about the potential of Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Physical state of the team: "Physically we are better than other years, we have noticed a change brought by the physical trainer and we, by our intensity, arrived a bit just to the end, he has done well and that means that we can compete in the matches.”

The injured players: "They are all recovered to train, but not to play. It's not a contradiction, since they have the medical okay, but they don’t have a proper level to play. Salvi is the closest to playing, but for Marcos [Mauro] and Carmona it's still early.”

Kecojević and Cifuentes are one yellow away from suspension: “At this level in the calendar everyone is close to be suspended, but truly there are positions in which the team will have problems if we lose a player.”

Deportivo: "Deportivo, with the change of coach, lost the first two games and won the next two, At Zaragoza they won at the end, although they will certainly want to improve their game. By the level of the players, Depor is between the top two or three in the league. The good teams will win again and this is a good team that plays in a good field, it’s progressing, we will go with our weapons to try to win. When a team like Deportivo plays at home, they will push up, and more knowing that if we steal, we do not play much, we will suffer a lot, we will have our chances, but we will suffer.”

Key in order to win at the Riazor: “To keep been a solid team in defence, to enjoy of some set-pieces and that Machis could fine the needed space.”

Will Mario Barco start in attack? “The coaches always have doubts. I’ve five players from where to choose from and you always have doubts.”

Is enough to get a point at the Riazor? “The draws could be useful or not depending on what others do. It’s clear that the important thing is to add, but later you depend on others.”

The number to clinch the promotion: “We would need 67 or 68 points. One year we entered into the playoffs with 64, and in another not. We at least need to win two more games. This game is key, because it can pull you out of the playoffs and the environment would be darker. It would be good if we play in the playoff, really good.”



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